On The 9th Day Of Magic, Ozwald Gave To Me…

Marlena is back for Day 9 and loving more cute little mushrooms. We love her excitement every time!

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We hope you enjoy your Woodland Portal Mirror

Imagine a door. You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of … wait, wait, wait! Wrong fandom! Wrong genre. But as we all know, there is nothing like finding a door to another world. So many come to mind and we love them all.

Imagine swapping your festive Christmas Market with the Gobin Market. What would you buy? How much would you pay?

“What’s the Goblin Market?”
“It is a place where dreamers go when they don’t fit in with the dreams their homes think worth dreaming. Doors lead here. Perhaps you found one.”

-Seanan McGuire, In an Absent Dream

Inspired by The Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire, we designed this cute woodland mirror with Joanne at Flutter and Fern (@flutterandfern). She was so great to work with (we love her stuff!) and did a really great job bringing our idea to life.

“We really wanted to create something that was unique and that we hadn't really seen before in any of our other boxes. The mould of the mirror was actually created specifically for us, which is really cool, and truly makes it a one-of-a-kind item! I am transformed into a magical forest when I look into the mirror- it truly came out so woodsy and faerie tale-esque.”



"Marina brought the idea of this item to the table, and while we were talking about it, I doodled an idea on a scrap piece of paper. Joanne was able to take that scratchy mess of lines and turn it into this beautiful design - far beyond what I imagined. 



A Peek Behind the Scenes…


"I think the thing that took the longest to decide was the font choice for “Be Sure”.  Some were too clean, and some were too "scary" looking. We wanted something woodsy. We finally decided on the font you see before you and I think it was for two reasons. Reason one - we all liked it. Reason two - choosing a font in a neverending rabbit hole of possibilities and we needed to make a choice. Isn't that always the case with design? In the end, I think it is fitting."


“Unlike most of the optical illusions formed by the tangling of branches, it became more doorlike as she approached, not less. The twigs above it almost seemed to form words; she realized, with a start, that she could read them. ”Be Sure," they said, in spindly, organic lettering. 

Be sure? Be sure of that? Be sure she wasn't really looking at a door in the middle of the woods, since that would be ridiculous?"

-Seanan McGuire, Across the Green Grass Fields

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