December Adult Fantasy Update

Hey Book Owls,

As we have announced in our Instagram stories, our December Adult Fantasy Books have sold out. We are sorry for any disappointment caused and understand your frustration. 

It has been a long time since we have been in a sellout situation (2020 vibes, anyone?) and we understand it might be new for some of you.

How We Put Together Our Boxes

When putting together our boxes and choosing our books, we are typically working six months (sometimes more) in advance. Our book orders go in months before their sale date and we are unable to top up our numbers at the last minute.

The initial order is agreed upon with the publisher/printer, and is based on our projected subscriber numbers. Because people sometimes skip/cancel/reactivate, determining these numbers is not an exact science. We do our best.

So, even if you are an active subscriber, spots are still limited.

The Adult Fantasy Line & December's Book

It means so much to us that you're loving our new Adult Fantasy line! This new product is still a baby at six months old, and we're still ironing out all the details, taking your love for these books (and your feedback) to heart.

There's a chance everyone who has renewed will get this month’s book, but there's also a chance some might miss out. We wanted to be transparent about this situation sooner rather than later.

Once all books have arrived from the printer, our team will go through everything, making sure there are no damages, and will give us a better number to work with. If any extras become available beyond our current estimation, we will reach out to those we know were next in line with their renewal. There will be no separate waitlist for December books. Extras will go to the active subscribers.

Renewal Day

Renewal day is always on the first of the month. Unfortunately, failed renewals can happen due to payment issues, such as expired credit card, insufficient funds, and bank issues, but our system is set up to automatically attempt a renewal the next day, the day after, etc. Because of this, we encourage everyone to have their accounts up to date so their renewal can go through by the 3rd of the month without issue.

After the 3rd we are unable to guarantee your renewal will be for the current month's box. If your renewal goes through after we have sold out, that payment will be for the next month's box.

Our policies and procedures can always be found in our Help Centre.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding,

Syl Urbanoski

General Manager
Team OwlCrate

Sellout FAQ

What if my renewal is for the next month's box and I don't want the next month's box?

  • That's no problem at all. If you don't want the next month's book/box, you can email and they can cancel and refund your renewal and reset your renewal date for the following month.

My next renewal date makes it seem like I am getting this month's box. What's up?

  • All subscriptions affected by the sellout will be updated after the 19th of the month, resetting the correct renewal dates.
  • Example: If you renewed during a sellout on December 6th, your renewal date will still show as January 1st. After the 19th, when the site is updated, your renewal date will be pushed to February 1st, as your payment for January will have already been taken.

If boxes are sold out, why are you still processing renewals?

  • In sellout situations, charges and renewals will still go through and any failed renewal notifications will still be sent as all of those actions are automated within the system. Because of this, all renewals will look like a successful renewal for the current month's box. All subscriptions will be adjusted later. (please see above)

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