'Hotel Magnifique' Book Club Readalong Day 7!

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Welcome back to the final day of our book club readalong for OwlCrate's April book, Hotel Magnifique!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 32 to the end of Hotel Magnifique, so make sure you read are finished the book before continuing.

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The story concludes...

Chapter 32:
Needing a disguise in order to get back into the hotel, Jani goes in search of Atelier Merveille where she finds Béatrice, explaining to her everything that has happened. Jani forms a plan and asks Béatrice to give her a makeover.

Chapter 33:
Jani manages to get back inside the hotel undetected with her disguise, meeting Béatrice and Hellas, who has taken his sister’s place in their plot. Jani changes into a maid’s uniform and whispers instructions to Zosa. Hellas follows her to the aviary, and Béatrice reminds her to wait ten minutes then meet at the back of the kitchens.

Chapter 34:
In the kitchens Béatrice and Jani tell Des Rêves that they need to move Issig to Alastair’s office on his request. Des Rêves joins Jani inside the freezer, but immediately reveals she knows there is a ruse, but before she can do anything about it Issig grabs Des Rêves by the neck, freezing her from the inside out and shattering her frozen body, and the mirror artéfact, when they hit the ground. Jani takes Des Rêves talon artéfact and holding her breathe it will work, turns Issig into an arctic turn and placing him in the bird cage.

Outside the hotel is in chaos. Hellas was able to release all the birds from the aviary and led by Zosa they are causing utter destruction. Jani slips away and breaks into Alastair’s office, but the drawer that holds the infinite ledger is open and the book is gone.

Chapter 35:
Jani was going to use Issig to freeze and destroy the ledger, but before she can dwell on this for long, bird Zosa flies into Alastair’s office and seems to want Jani to follow, refusing to let Jani turn her back into a human. In the aviary she finds Frigga, and the dragonfly glass containing the room is crashing down. Jani notices a cart with supplies Béatrice has left and tells Frigga and Zosa to follow her instructions.

The hotel is in chaos, and Des Reves tells Jani that everyone is waiting for them in the salon. There she finds Béatrice and Higga tied up, and Bel, seeming to be in some sort of fog. Yrsa is also there, holding Bel’s porcelain finger. Alastair has the ledger under his arm, and making a plan Jani uses the talon to turn Issig back into himself and clasps her mother’s necklace around his neck, hoping it will block some of the magic effecting him and allow him to make the decision to destroy the ledger. It works, Issig grabs the ledger, knocking Alastair’s inkwell artéfact to the floor at the same time, and plunges his fist inside, sending a shockwave of cold through the salon.

Chapter 36:
The destruction of the ledger brings all the suminaires memories back, as well as destroys all the hotel's enchantments. Yrsa was hit by a beam and killed, her teacup shattered. It seems this destruction also broke the magic tied to the porcelain fingers and eyes. Jani turns her sister back into a human, and soon finds Bel, who is also unharmed, remembers her. They discover Alastair, alive but unconscious, and Issig moves him to the deep freeze until they decide what is to be done with him.

The hotel mostly empty of guests, Jani turns all the transformed birds back into suminaires, many of them remaining drained of color with the odd holes the mirror left in their bodies when it took their magic. One brightly colored bird turns out to be someone Bel knows, and feeling sad, Jani tells him to go find other lost friends. Once all the birds are back to their human selves, Jani and Zosa go find a place to rest and decide what comes next.

Chapter 37:
Jani finds Bel and tells him she wants to rebuild the hotel, give the suminaires a home, both those who still have magic and those who want to stay, no longer having family elsewhere. Many are angry their magic was taken and she wants the hotel to keep traveling, to keep looking for the ring or anything else that may help reverse what was taken from them. Bel tells her he wants to stay and help, as equals.

It’s a soiree and guests of all backgrounds are waiting for the arrival of the Magnifique. They watch a young woman and man on stage, as he passes his key from his neck to hers.



  1. That's a wrap! Did you enjoy the reading Hotel Maginifique?
  2. What do you think they decide to do with Alastair?
  3. Would you like to read more of this world? Which other character besides Jani would you like to follow?
  4. Recommend a book that has some sort of performance as part of it!

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