OwlCrate Book Emporium is Here

Introducing The New OwlCrate Book Emporium!

We are thrilled to introduce the OwlCrate Book Emporium, inspired by OwlCrate Jr to cater to the needs of educators and leaders.

Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible books and educational resources to empower educators in their important work.

OwlCrate Jr

OwlCrate Jr was our Middle Grade book box designed for ages 8-12. Monthly subscription boxes featured middle-grade books for independent reading or enjoyable read-alouds. We curated stories and bookish goodies that captivated young minds and fostered a love for reading and learning.

After six great years, we made the difficult decision to discontinue our Jr boxes. But never fear - The OwlCrate Book Emporium is here!

Empowering Young Minds

Our story of yesterday, today, and tomorrow continues to be focused on how we can empower young minds through reading and stories.

Whether you're a previous OwlCrate Jr subscriber or someone who's just discovered us, we're excited to have you on this journey with us and welcome you with open books!

Enrich Your Classroom

At OwlCrate Book Emporium, we understand the importance of stocking classrooms with enriching materials. We offer great deals and bulk rates on a wide selection of books and bookish goodies, making it easier than ever to bring quality resources to your students. From storybooks to supplementary materials, we have everything you need to support your students' educational journey.

We welcome educators of all kinds - Homeschool, ESL, youth groups, charter schools, etc. We’re here for you!

Shaping The Future

Join us in shaping a brighter future for our students and youth. Explore our extensive catalogue and experience the convenience of wholesale purchasing, designed exclusively for you.

Together, let's inspire and educate the readers and leaders of tomorrow.

OwlCrate Jr

Discover the magic of OwlCrate Book Emporium today!