'Silver In The Bone' Book Club Readalong Day 6 - Final Day!

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Welcome to the fifth day of our book club readalong for OwlCrate's April book, Silver In The Bone by Alexandra Bracken. But don't worry, you can mark your calendars. Our next book club for OwlCrate's May book will be from June 20th to 27th right here on the blog and in The Nest!

This month the book club has been ran in tandem with our amazing Nest moderator, Amber, who is hosting our club readalong of Silver In The Bone on the Official OwlCrate Nest discussion group. You'll be able to chat with other readers there, access way more chapter by chapter questions, and get some  AMAZING fun extra activities to go along with the discussion! Better yet, it will be available for another week or so, so all readers can catch up with the readalong! Check it out HERE.

Readers who participate in the Nest's discussion will be in the running to win an OwlCrate box and one randomly chosen blog participant will win a shop gift card!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 39-End of Silver In The Bone , so make sure you read have finished the book before continuing.

Find your discussion questions below!

I take back my previous confidence, dear readers. Our heroes are in TROUBLE. 

Chapter 39: 

Emrys takes care of Tamsin in the watch tower. Tamsin has a fever and Emrys uses herbs to heal her. Tamsin is freezing so they embrace and as they're close, Emrys reveals to her that his father has abused him from a young age and that he's working to get himself and his mother away from him. 

Tamsin shares about her past as well and her desire to curse Cabell's curse. She tells Emrys that she had hoped that Nash hadn't meant to leave them. 

They comfort each other and kiss. 

Chapter 40:

The next day Emrys and Tamsin leave the watchtower to follow The High Priestess who had headed north. It's gently snowing. As they walk they discuss the curse and how The High Priestess could be controlling the Children and how she got the Ring Of Dispel. 

Emrys tries to give Tamsin the sword she found in the lake but she doesn't want it. Emrys suggests that they can share it for now. 

As they move slowly through the snow, they notice Children in the highest branches of trees, spitting and mauling at each other. Tamsin and Emrys run away and find themselves next to the skeleton of a giant and long dead dragon. There is a cottage and they make toward it. It's door opens and suddenly Tamsin has a wand at her throat. 

Chapter 41:

It's Neve. She and Caitriona are in the cottage and they tell Tamsin that they've been looking for her. Caitriona checks Tamsin's wound and they inform her and Emrys about what has happened to the High Priestess. They discuss how Revenants form and how the High Priestess may have been a servant of Lord Death. 

As Revenants feed on magic, they theorize about the next place it will go. Tamsin tells them that she still wants the Ring Of Dispel in case the ritual doesn't work to cure Cabell. Caitriona apologizes to Tamsin that she was harmed by the High Priestess. 

It's then that Tamsin reveals she has silver bones and feels rotten to the core. The others reassure her that that isn't the case. Olwen shares a theory she has that bone turns silver when you come across a great deal of death magic like the White Lady who touched Tamsin as a child. 

They discuss the High Priestess and determine that she's headed toward the living tomb of King Arthur. 

Chapter 42:

The group leaves the cottage and heads toward the most northern point of the island to an open air cathedral, the tomb of King Arthur. 

Emrys takes out binoculars to see that before a small cottage in front of the tomb crawl dozens of Children in front of the Revenant High Priestess. The group watches as the revenant emerges from the tomb and throws the sleeping body of Arthur Pendragon to the children. 

Chapter 43:

The Children devour him as the group watches. Caitriona brandishes her sword and magic fire, and leaps down to the Children while Neve readies her light magic. 

Caitriona cuts through the creatures as the High Priestess growls. Emrys and Tamsin also battle. The Revenant attacks and Caitriona and Tamsin cut off one of its hands. The Revenant attempts to speak but Neve's magic spell is cast and incinerates the Children and mortally wounds the revenant. As it perishes, The High Priestess tries to explain to Cait why she'd done what she did but she crumbles away to bone and earth. 

Tamsin looks for Emrys but he and the Ring Of Dispel are gone. 

Chapter 44:

The group begin their journey back to the tower, and Tamsin is feeling rightfully betrayed. The group realizes that while they thought the High Priestess was behind the curse, that curses usually don't outlive their caster. 

Olwen speaks to Tamsin about her heartache and tells her about the sword she found, White-Hilt, and that it will only burn with flames when being held by someone worthy. 

The group discuss following Emrys but Tamsin decides that they shouldn't. They return to the tower, eager to start the cleansing ritual with the proper athame but arrive to see it's covered in blood.  

Chapter 45:

They enter the tower to find the courtyard has become a battlefield. Nearly all the tower's denizens have perished in what looks to be a terrible confrontation. Including Cabell, as Tamsin finds him in the ruination. 

Chapter 46:

Tamsin stands on the curtain wall alone, feeling responsible for all the events that has happened and is burdened by the deaths of so many of her friends and loved ones, including Flea. 

Tamsin finds a bone with etching tucked into Flea's hand. It turns out to be a piece of the vessel of The HIgh Priestess Viviane's. It looks like the vessel cannot be repaired but Tamsin thinks of the Bonecutter, in the mortal world. The group sets fire to burn the dead so that they do not come back cursed. 

The group vow to help one another and perform the cleansing ritual. 

Chapter 47:

Olwen and Caitriona lead the group into the great hall and prepare for the ritual with incense and oils. 

Neve and Tamsin go up to their shared room to change and Tamsin tells her about her Death Mark. 

Neve and Tamsin reconvene in the library and talk about the myths of The Holly King and The Oak King. They find a kitten and take it to the others down in the Great Hall. 

The group of women come together before an altar in the great hall and begin speaking the spell, one after anther, adding blood to a chalice with the athame.  Dark liquid whirls within the cup and mist rises from it. The ground trembles and the dark mist rises to tower over the group. Tamsin hears a song and encourages the others to sing it along with her. 

The ritual is working but then the isle erupts beneath them. 

Chapter 48

Tamsin comes to under a pale moon and pulls herself from some rubble. Tamsin finds Olwen okay but then hears voices. It's Cabell...who is alive...

and he's standing next to an also-alive Bedivere. 

Sir Bedivere explains that he is not the knight of the round table and Cabell interrupts Tamsin's thoughts telling her that he's in fact, Lord Death. 

Lord Death explains to Tamsin that he had himself brought into Avalon so as to corrupt the Priestesses like he had the druids. The Priestesses refused and instead make a deal with Lord Death that they reneged on. As Tamsin thinks, she looks at Cabell. Cabell tells her that she was brought here for a reason, that the ritual would only work if a Sorceress was part of the nine. That the sorceresses had barred the entrance to Avalon to keep Lord Death inside and stop him from coming for them. It's then that Tamsin realizes the sequence of events that she helped happen. 

Lord Death clicks at Tamsin in fake sympathy, informing her that she assisted his escape by coming to Avalon. Tamsin realizes that The High Priestess had kept the athame in death just to keep Lord Death from it and was not at all to blame for the curse. 

She pleads with Cabell to see sense but she realizes that he's in deeply in league with Lord Death because he feels as though Lord Death accepts him and accepts his curse. Caitriona shows up with Neve and Olwen and she tosses a dagger at Lord Death that he side steps. 

Lord Death taunts her and reveals that he carries the souls of all their loved ones. Cait vows to kill him as Tamsin pleases with Cabell to leave Lord Death. Cabell refuses and they watch as both he and Lord Death leave, with the Children too leaping off the stones and fleeing. 

Suddenly all they can hear are emergency sirens as they realize that the ritual did not restore the island by purifying it, but instead it restored Avalon to the human world. 

Chapter 49: 


Tamsin takes Neve, Olwen and Cait back to her home. Everyone sits down and Tamsin turns on the television to see a news program about a massive seismic event in Glastonbury. 


Tamsin, Neve and Olwen discuss the events that have happened and then decide to rest. 

Tamsin charges her phone and searches her room for cash. She finds enough cash to order a pizza and cleans up the apartment a little. Tamsin notices a tarot card half hidden underneath the refrigerator. The Moon card. 

It reminds her of Cabell and Lord Death. 

Neve calls Tamsin's name telling her that someone is at the door. Thinking that it's the pizza delivery person, she answers it and instead finds...





He apologizes to her, and tells her that he was trying to find the Ring Of Dispel not for Cabell but to break the curse on HER. 

The End.

Well friends, WHAT a thrilling end to the book. I'm glad I was along with you for the ride and I can't wait to read the sequel. How about you? Tell me what your favorite bits of Silver In The Bone were in the comments. 

And please stay tuned to see who are awesome winners from our book club event are! 


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  3.  🍃 EMRYS - why?! Do you think he double crossed Tamsin or is something else afoot?
  4. ⚔️ What do you think will happen in book two? 

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