Sisters of the Snake Readalong Day 3

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Welcome back to day 3 of our book club read-along for OwlCrate's June book, Sisters of the Snake!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 14-19 of Sisters of the Snake, so make sure you read these chapters before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box! 

The story so far...

Rani and Amir follow Sanya outside the tavern. A year ago something happened between the siblings causing a rift between them. Sanya tells Amir that Samar has been killed, so somehow the siblings knew Tutor. Interesting. A hooded man appears who seems to be Sanya’s friend and someone who has been plastered on a lot of wanted posters lately for stealing food from the palace kitchens to give to those in need. Sanya refuses to help Amir and Rani, but does allow them to stay in her room in the tavern to rest for a night.

The next day Ria is going through fittings for the engagement party with the help of Amara. When the two of them are alone, Ria can’t help but ask questions to try to figure out what Amara and Rani’s relationship was like. Ria also notices a that Amara has a set of keys, and with a kind comment of thanks at the end of the fitting Amari leaves the room and Ria has used her thieving skills to pocket the keys.


The next morning as Rani and Amir eat they are joined by Sanya and Irfan. It turns out they had been doing more than stealing food from the palace kitchens - they had been helping desperate families flee into the Hidden Lands for safety. They have also been purchasing materials for Jas Auntie, a woman Amir and Sanya knew growing up, who has been making passports for people. Amir and Rani propose to help them return to the Hidden Lands by stealing horses, and they can all go there together. Sanya is hesitant as there are rumors that the raja has Charts out searching for them and for the Bloodstone. The same stone Tutor mentioned to Rani.

 Amir and Rani head off to steal some horses, only problem is Rani isn’t actually a thief. Thinking she has a plan, Amir offers to do the stealing while Rani distracts the merchant at the stables. Using coin and her snake magic, Rani talks to the merchant about the Bloodstone and it turns out he remembers a man, who could have been Tutor, looking for it recently. Apparently he has a wife in the Foothills. Once three horses are missing from the stable, Rani turns to leave, but in that minute the merchant also clocks that his horses are gone! He chases after Rani, but after she falls and kicks him between the legs, she gives the merchant her earrings and using her snake magic tells him to forget about her and not to follow. The group of four sets off first to get supplies for passports, and then for the Foothills.

At dinner that night Saeed arrives late and eyes her oddly. Ria realizes she likely hasn’t been eating with the correct decorum when the raja accuses her of playing Villager. Before she can stop herself, Ria retorts, wondering if Rani had ever spoken back to her father in such a way. Before the next course Ria leaves the dinner, taking it as the perfect time to explore the raja’s office.

Ria gets lost and finds herself at the palace kitchens where she asks Aditi, Amara’s servant, to take her to the raja’s office. Inside she doesn’t find anything of import, but does get lost in the eyes of a serpent scepter. As she flees the room she is met by Saeed, who Aditi went to get. Aditi gives Saeed his sleeping draught, but after he’s gone and Ria asks Aditi about it, she figures out that the draught isn’t just for sleeping. It contains snake venom!


The group approaches a sand and stone wall that is hidden in the jungle, covered in magic markings. It turns out that the other magics aren’t extinct and still do in fact exist. To get past the wall Amir and Sanya say a password that their parents taught them as children. The wall falls away, and they step through into the Foothills, which is teeming with life.

Rani opts to leave the group to unpack in the guise of exploring, but in reality she is searching for Tutor’s wife. She comes upon a man who recognizes her ring, and he takes her to Jas, the same person who was making passports for Sanya and Irfan. She asks Rani how she came into possession of her husband’s ring.


Saeed is giving Ria a dance lesson ahead of their engagement party. Noticing his hair has started to turn white, Ria reveals that she believe his mother has been poisoning him with snake venom. While initially hesitant to believe her, he agrees to meet up with her in secret so that Ria can prove it to him.

That night Ria sees Aditi seemingly sneaking somewhere and decides to follow. They end up in a library, and after giving herself away with a sneeze, Ria asks if Aditi can show her any books about snake venom. In the book she finds it reveals side effects for giving a snake venom tincture to someone who isn't a snakespeaker can include white hair!


  1. Why do you think that Amara is poisoning Saeed?
  2. Do you think people in the Hidden Lands are still using other types of magics?
  3. Do you think Rani is going to reveal who she is to Jas in order to get answers?
  4. Do you think that using so much snake magic is having an effect on the raja? Do you think that is why he is only now looking for the Bloodstone?

See you again on tomorrow as we discuss Chapters 20-25!

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