Sisters of the Snake Readalong Day 4

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Welcome back to day 4 of our book club read-along for OwlCrate's June book, Sisters of the Snake!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 20-25 of Sisters of the Snake, so make sure you read these chapters before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box! 

The story so far...

Rani is soon joined in Jas’ tent by Amir, Irfan and Sanya. Jas’ insists that the search for the Bloodstone died with her husband.

Ria meets up with Saeed at the Stone Terrace and presents him with the book containing all the side effects of the snake venom. He admits that he hasn’t been 100% honest with her and he’s always had nightmares, but lately they seem to be prophetic. He tells her that he didn’t need Aditi to take him to her when Ria was in the raja’s study - he had dreamed it shortly beforehand. Perhaps he has some sort of connection to the Memory Master, and perhaps his mom wants to stop him from developing his magic more. Is his mom up to something? Ria asks that they work together to find out what is going on.

 At midnight that night Ria meets Aditi in the courtyard and she has brought Ria a book about snake magic so she can learn more. The book says the Snake Pit is lined with gems, each of which is said to contain the soul of a person who died in the Pit. Ria tells Aditi that she will request her servant duties be cut down so they can go through more of the book together, but Aditi insists that Amara needs her nightly rose. Ria asks that she look into the significance of this. They give each other nicknames - Mouse for Aditi and Lynx for Ria.


The next morning Sanya brings Rani back again to see Jas and after looking through the notebook Jas has had a change of heart about the Bloodstone. The cipher in the margins of the notebook were her and Tutor’s secret language, and he has given instructions on where the Bloodstone is and how to find it. Amir and Rani agree to take up the task, and Jas gives Amir a gold timepiece that his father had meant to give him before his death.

Outside the tent, Amir tells Sanya of their plans and she says it is time for training with Irfan.

Shima takes Ria to the Snake Pit in the throne room and instructs her on how to use her magic to open it. Ria is able to dislodge one of the gems and takes it to a private place in courtyards to summon the spirit of Mama Anita. Mama Anita tells Ria that the raja entrusted her with Ria’s care because of a prophecy about twins, but doesn’t know the details. After the spirit dissipates, Shima is there to comfort Ria.


The day before they depart in search of the Bloodstone, Irfan is training Rani and Amir to fight, encouraging them to trust their instincts. As they are packing up and it is only Rani and Irfan, Irfan tells her the reason Tutor died was because he was keeping a secret. Irfan’s secret in fact.

That night Amir and Rani rest in the forest, but it is clear that Amir is becoming increasingly suspicious of Rani and how different she has been acting since the palace. When he asks her whose side she is on, Rani storms off.


Saeed takes Ria out on a riding lesson, giving them time to be alone. He admits that he hasn’t been taking the sleeping draught and he had a vision that was impossible to confuse for a dream. He saw Amara with the raja during a council meeting convincing them to conscript one able bodied person from every household in Abai. Although it has never happened to him before, Ria convinces Saeed to try to see the vision again while awake, and to see the end of the vision. Successful, they see the council agreeing to the conscription at 17 bells. That’s in just one hour. Ria and Saeed rush back to the palace.

 Climbing up into the rafters above the council room, Saeed and Ria see the inevitable happen. The council agrees to the conscription, but not only that -the age of conscription will now be lowered to 14. Ria thinks she sees Amara’s odd bracelets glowing. Once the meeting is over Amara stays in the room alone and confronts Ria and Saeed for spying on her. Amara sends Saeed away and reveals that she knows Ria is an imposter, and that this is to remain their little secret for now. She also knows that Aditi has been helping Ria and because of this she will be punished.


  1. What secret of Irfan's do you think Samar was hiding?
  2. What significance do you think the roses have for Amara?
  3. What do you think Amara's bracelets do?
  4. What do you imagine the prophecy Mama Anita referenced was about other than just twins?

See you again on tomorrow as we discuss Chapters 26-30!

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