Sisters of the Snake Readalong Day 5

By: OwlCrate . Photo By: @thebooknoo.k

Welcome back to day 5 of our book club read-along for OwlCrate's June book, Sisters of the Snake!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 26-30 of Sisters of the Snake, so make sure you read these chapters before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box! 

The story so far...

Officially on the road in search of the Bloodstone, Amir, Rani, Sanya, Irfan and Jas stop and make their first camp. Amir tells the story of how he got the scar on his face covering for another thieving child. As they bunk down for the night Rani secretly goes through Irfan’s pack and finds a coin that only palace employees should be in possession of. Needing to think, Rani walks into the jungle only for a dark shape to rush towards her.

It's the night of the engagement party, and after Saeed and Ria’s dance Ria flees the party to get some air. Saeed follows and tells her that he thinks he actually does love her, and not from a sense of duty. When they are caught by Amara and some aunties Ria heads back into the throne room where she finds Shima. Ria needs to speak with Rani, and the only way to do so is to bond with Shima.


Suddenly cloaked in black, the figure that appeared before her turns out to be Ria, using Shima and snake magic to communicate with her. Ria tells Rani what has been happening in the palace. Using their connection like they did when they first met and grasping hands, they see their parents receiving a prophecy from the Fountain of Fortunes predicting that a set of twins will ruin the kingdom, and that one twin will kill the other.
Ria sees Amir behind Rani and the vision and Ria dissipate. Amir has been looking for her - the Charts are here.


The king finds Ria and tells her to follow him to his office. He tells her she must stop acting out inappropriately. He also reveals that the war plan is to completely wipe out Kaama, so there is no memory of it. He shows her a letter from the Kaaman palace, which has a seal with a symbol that matches that on Amara’s cuffs.

 There is an induction ceremony for all the new Charts, including the children as young as 14. Amara is given the task of using the magic of the Mitti Tree to brand each Chart with their own unique number, and she seems to enjoy the pain she is causing. Remembering what Mama Anita told her, to go back to the beginning, Ria decides it's time to visit the orphanage.

After finding Rani they must hide from the Charts that are looking around their now abandoned camp - save for Rani and Amir’s packs. Irfan, Sanya and Jas have run for cover. Amir hatches a plan to distract the Charts while Rani steals one of their weapons, but this does not go according to plan and they end up in a fight. In the end, Rani and Amir end up taking one of the Charts hostage as he wants to defect.

They meet up with Irfan, Sanya in Jas in a ransacked tavern, where Sanya tends to the Chart’s wounds. The Chart recognizes Irfan as 162 - the first person who deserted the Charts. So that was Irfan’s secret! The Chart, Aman, also wants to desert, and claims there are others like him. In the end Irfan lets him go in exchange for his Chart uniform, which will allow them to travel more freely.



  1. Why do you think Ria’s snake magic seems to be so much stronger than Rani’s?
  2. If the prophecy is to be believed there is a light and a dark twin - which do you think is which?
  3. Do you think Shima bonding to two different people will have any consequences?
  4. Do you think Amara is somehow controlling the king? How so?

See you again on tomorrow as we discuss Chapters 31-36!

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