Sweet & Bitter Magic Readalong Day 4

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @bekahsbookshelves

Hello again! It's day four and that means we're officially more than half way done the readalong! Where has the time gone?

Today we're reading chapters 11-14. The stakes are only getting higher! As always, a friendly neighbourhood reminder that the following text will be spoiling these upcoming chapters! Feel free to click away and come back to answer the discussion questions one you have finished!


Chapter 11:
In an alleyway in Farn, Tamsin and Wren stumble upon two men currently robbing dead bodies. They make an unwanted advance, and Tamsin, with Wren’s willing help as a source, traps them in a pit. Surprisingly, Wren seems okay with the harm they caused.
As they move on the diary once again shows Tamsin an entry. It’s describing the aftermath of the dark magic Tamsin cast and the death of Amma, Marlena’s best friend. Wren wakes her up from her reverie and Tamsin tells her just a little bit of the truth of her past, but certainly not all of it. There are still many secrets to be revealed! Hands clasped, they step together into the Wood.

Chapter 12:
As they step into the Wood, Wren and Tamsin are immediately separated. As Wren walks through the Wood it seems to be waking up with the touch of her magic. Like it needs her. It shows her a memory of when she was small and a witch had come to town. Things start feeling wrong. It shows her an image of her mother, telling her to turn around and go home. Determined, Wren carries on and to Tamsin, and together they forge through. On the other side they run into Leya and Vera, the High Councilor, who reveals she is Tamsin’s mother. Surprise!

Chapter 13:
Tamsin leaves Wren to be interrogated by the Six - the witches previously in charge before Vera and the Coven took down Evangeline. Up in her mother’s study, the diary reveals that Marlena suspected Tamsin of being guilty of something. Vera then asks for Tamsin’s help and reveals…..drum roll please…..the dark witch is MARLENA and she isn’t dead! *GASP*

Chapter 14:
Wren is being interrogated by the Six, along with Leya who is also a source. They determine that they will allow Tamsin and Wren to hunt the dark witch, but only on the stipulation that after Wren begins her training and never be able to cross through the Wood out of Within again. She agrees, and is branded with a tattoo.

Well reveals galore happened today! Wow! Just pulling fast ones on us left and right! Only three more days to go!


Question 1: Now that it has been revealed that Marlena is both alive AND responsible for this new dark magic, why do you think she is taunting Tamsin with her diary?

Question 2: Where do you think Marlena is? And how do you think, after all this time, she has access to so much magic?

Question 3: What do you think Tamsin’s reaction to Marlena being alive and responsible for so much destruction will be?