Sweet & Bitter Magic Readalong Day 5

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @taylortakesphotos

Here we are! It's officially day five or our reading adventure! What are Tamsin and Wren going to get up to today?

Today we're reading chapters 15-18. We're rapidly coming up on the end. Just over 100 pages to go! If you haven't finished chapter 18 yet don't read on or you will absolutely be spoiled and that's no fun. Make sure to dive into the discussion questions at the end of the post once you're done!


Chapter 15:
Vera tells Tamsin that five years ago when she thought Marlena was dead she felt a faint pulse of life and Marlena had held on to just a little of the dark magic that had bound them. She had been asleep for years. On the morning of their 17th birthday Marlena woke and somehow fled the tower she had been trapped in. Vera tasks Tamsin with severing the last of their bond in order to stop the plague. Just a small ask after finding out your sister is still alive!

Chapter 16:
After Tamsin finds Wren they start their journey across the Witchlands. Still no explanations for Wren though! After a day of journeying they stop at an inn called The Wandering Woes where they are greeted by a kind woman named Hazel. And although Wren demands answers, Tamsin insists on revealing nothing until tomorrow.


Chapter 17:
The diary once again reveals a passage to Tamsin set right after Arwyn discovered Tamsin was the one who used dark magic. In her writing it becomes abundantly clear that Marlena truly hates Tamsin for what she did. While walking and explaining (FINALLY) to Wren about what is going on, Wren steps into some sort of sinkhole and gets stuck. Uh-oh!
Once free Tamsin starts noticing that Wren smells like lavender and her eyes have changed from grey to green? That’s weird. At another inn, they are relegated to sleeping in a shack with, GASP, only one bed. Bummer! ;)

Chapter 18:
Wren awakes next to Tamsin reminiscing on the fact that of course she would fall for someone who couldn’t love. With Tamsin still sleeping, she heads into the inn for some tea. Wanting to help find Marlena, she goes through the items in Tamsin’s cloak to find the diary. She wants to get a sense of Marlena’s magic so she may be able to identify it. Wren describes to Tamsin how the magic of the diary smells, which makes Tamsin realize just where her sister may be.
Continuing on their journey they encounter a monster of bone, like a deer without skin, which Tamsin recognizes as one of Arwyn’s scouts. Hiding from the approach of more footsteps, they are shoved out into the open and approached by Arwyn herself. Eek! (Also sad missed swoon moment. Bad timing, Arwyn!)


 Here's a cute deer to replace the scary bone ones:

Okay, Wren finally got some answers, but our heroines are definitely in some sort of trouble! Who knows what tomorrow bring!



Question 1: Uh oh! What do you think Arwyn is going to do now that she knows Tamsin is back? Arwyn is part of the Coven, but do you think she may defy their wishes and stop Tamsin from searching for Marlena?

Question 2: Why do you think Tamsin seems to be able to smell more and notice more colors all of a sudden?

Question 3: Where do you think Marlena is hiding? What do you think Tamsin is going to do when they find her?