'The Ivory Key' Book Club Readalong Day 7!

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Welcome back to the final day of our book club read-along for OwlCrate's January book, The Ivory Key!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 46 to the end of The Ivory Key, so make sure you read are finished the book before continuing.

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The story concludes...

Chapter 46:
Ronak seems to be getting weaker and looking at his wound more closely Riya thinks the arrow must have been magical in some way as it isn’t closing. They hear footsteps and as they go to hide Riya stumbles into the wall, something poking into her side. She withdraws the hinge from her pocket which has chipped away a little, and when she looks closer it reveals that the Ivory Key is in inside.

Chapter 47:
Vira and Amrit and thrown in a jail cell together and to pass the time start sharing their wishes, assuming they were alone. They hear a voice from the cell across from them, a young girl who recognizes Vira. She tells them about the day of the battle and her sneaking back into the fort to find her brother when they get trapped in the kitchens and discover the passage to Visala. Once there is seemed the crystal wall was receding in some way. Discovering a barrel of water, when touched the girl’s brother was granted magic. They made it out but eventually got caught by the Lyrians, and in exchange for her not being harmed, her brother now works with the them, experimenting with the magic to see if others can wield it the same way. Not only that, but the Lyrians know about Visala.

Chapter 48:

They enter Visala and notice a lot of evidence of the Lyrians having been there, but before moving on Ronak needs to take a look at the palace. Inside they find a room filled with Lyrian style items and on the desk Riya uses ink to reveal the message of the key, much like how the bracelets her friends gave her work. They find what appear to be empty crates, but when they pry off the lid the dust makes Ronak feel as if he has been poisoned, but it doesn’t seem to cause any harm to Riya. It makes him feel like he did when he transported raw magic. He notices he’s bled through his bandages again and just before he passes out he sees a bright blue light.

Chapter 49:
It takes some time for Kaleb to find the dungeons, and with luck the guard is sleeping. He takes the keys hanging behind him and frees Amrit and Vira. They want to free the other prisoner, but before they are able the sleeping guard confronts them and rings the bell. Amrit knocks him unconscious and Vira promises the girl she’ll come back to free her before they flee.

Chapter 50
Riya looks at her hand not understanding what happened. Blue light had shot out of her hand and now Ronak looked completely healed. The shelves on the side of the room were also dislodged revealing another secret vault. Inside Riya finds a pendant that looks like the mirror, as well as the pendant the girl in the mural was wearing. Ronak has found four paintings, each of a person wearing a different color pendant while doing an impossible task. But that’s not how magic works - everyone knows that people don’t get magical powers. Magic only works on objects.

Chapter 51:

They run to the kitchens and join Ronak and Riya in Visala, but they insist on showing them something before moving on. They found a letter from ‘L’ to Savitri explaining that the quarries are sealed and the library destroyed, enclosing in the letter pages that explains how to forge objects and people. It also reveals the Kamala Society isn’t what they thought. Riya tells them about her hand and the power and it is decided that Kaleb will stay with the Lyrians and travel to the capital to find out just what sort of magic they are experimenting with, leaving his siblings and Amrit as they travel further into Visala.

Chapter 52:

They slowly make their way through Visala, Riya eventually revealing to Vira that she has the key. When they make it out the other side they are ambushed by mercenaries. Mercenaries that are welcoming Amrit home. Amrit holds a blade to Vira’s throat and tells Riya to give him the key. She does, and the mercenaries and Amrit retreat, leaving Vira, Riya and Ronak alone.

Chapter 53:

The siblings arrive back at the palace and agree to talk the next day. Ronak retreats to his room and to his surprise Etka is there, and she’s demanding the key. He tries to lie his way out of where it is, but worrying about those he loves, he offers her a seat on the Council. He will name her his successor. Etka gives him two weeks.

Chapter 54:
Riya is on the balcony of Vira’s rooms after spending the night with her sister, contemplating the magic in her hand. Vira joins her and Riya reveals she took a copy of the key and she is choosing to trust Vira to fix the kingdom, not the Ravens. They will keep trying.

Chapter 55:
Kaleb takes some journals and valuables he can sell from the vault before leaving Visala and finding the carriages destined for the capital. He lies his way on to the transport and knows that this journey isn’t the one Ronak wanted for him, but one he needs to do.

Chapter 56:

Neha, now promoted to captain of the guard, let’s Vira know the Council is ready for her. She is determined that nothing will stop her from finding more magic for her country.

A boy Amrit asks the goddesses for a family, which they grant him. His father shows him the three branches of the Kamala Society - the lotus for magic wielders, the scroll for the secret keepers and the sword for the protectors. There was already a plan in place and Amrit was raised to execute it. He can’t pretend he doesn’t miss Vira, and plans to keep his promise. I will protect you.



  1. We have so many unanswered questions! What are you dying to find out about the most?
  2. What do you think Amrit means by "I will protect you" if he is one of the mercenaries?
  3. What do you think the Ivory Key said?
  4. Who was your favorite character? 
  5. Did you enjoy the book? Are you excited to read book two, The Crimson Fortress?

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