The Ones We're Meant to Find Readalong Day 6!

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @jesonemorepage

It's the penultimate day of our readalong for The Ones We're Meant to Find! This book likes to keep you on your toes!

Today we're reading chapters 38-43! As always, avoid my chapter summaries until you're all caught up. Let's do this!


Chapter 38:
Actinium tells Kasey that the copterbot containing his family crashed when victims of a natural disaster mistook it for a supply plane and tried to hack it to redirect it to their village and failed. And that he had created the bot of himself to prove a point to his family once they had returned. As for how he knows Leona, she is his aunt. He chose to live in anonymity as long as it took to enact wide scale change. He shows her a classified P2C document that reveals that one family was responsible for the poisoning of the ocean that caused Celia’s disease.
Meridian appears behind them, having heard some of what they were talking about. She is angry and Actinium wants Kasey to choose a side between Meridian and him. She ends up slapping him. They leave her standing alone.

Chapter 39:
Cee is attempting to barricade herself in the house to stop the urge to follow the “Find me” command again. Still hiding what happened from Hero, he makes her a “welcome back” dinner and she tells him they should try to leave the island together to find her sister. All of a sudden his body spasms.

Chapter 40:
Sitting outside the hospel, a medic spills a container of toximeters. Kasey notices the reading on the toximeters and her biomonitor don’t match. The medic tells her most the equipment is like that, meant to avoid panic. Something dawns on Kasey - she again looks at the P2C report that Actinium sent her and notices the spill happened two weeks BEFORE Kasey and Celia swam in the ocean, when her toximeter then told her it was safe.

Chapter 41:
As the spasm passes Hero reveals it’s been happening for a while - or ever since Cee hit him on the head with an oar, but he still doesn’t know that. He also reveals that there no memories coming back to him, only the words “stop her.”

Chapter 42:
Kasey confronts her dad about the report. He simply says they thought it best to cover it up.

Chapter 43:
Cee keeps having more memories - memories of Kay and memories of when she found out she was sick. They go about their day on the island until Kay feels an intense tug to the ocean. Hero again loses control and tries to attack her, but this time he seems aware of what is happening. Once he stops, Cee tells him the truth.

Things are all coming to a head! I can't wait to see how this all wraps up tomorrow!



How do you think Hero is going to react to hearing the truth about what has happened?

Do you think Cee will be able to continue to resist the “Find me” command?

Who do you think programmed Hero with the “stop her” command, if anyone?

What do you think will happen with Operation Reset now that everyone is pulling out?

Any predictions for the last section of the book?