The Ones We're Meant to Find Readalong Day 7!

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @thepeonyinink

It's the final day of our The Ones We're Meant to Find readalong! What a wonderful and wild ride!

Today we're reading chapter 44 through the end of the book! We made it! Avoid my chapter summaries below until you're done. Remember, by commenting one random person will win their next OwlCrate box for free! I'll be selecting the winner on Wednesday, June 30th so you have a couple more days to catch up!


Chapter 44:
Kasey goes to Actinium for a tattoo in order to be able to spend time in his presence. Her goal isn’t the tattoo itself, it is to erase all memories of her. Now that they are not working together, he must not know all the parts to the plan.

Chapter 45:
After revealing everything Hero asks Cee if she’ll go with him somewhere. They end up climbing the cliffs and Hero tells her not to pick her sister or him, but to pick herself, and jumps off the cliff.

Chapter 46:
Kasey appears as a holo in front of everyone in the world, revealing that they can’t live like Celia wanted to, but maybe, in the future, they can.

Chapter 47:
Cee starts to climb down the cliff, seeing Hero’s body start to put itself back together. By jumping he bought her time to decide what she wants on her own terms. She has a “memory” of Celia getting her Intraface removed, making the final decision to end her life naturally.

Chapter 48:
Kasey is waiting for a beep…

Chapter 49:
Standing at the end of the pier, Cee tells U-me to stay.

Chapter 50:

Chapter 51:
Cee steps into the water.

Chapter 52:
Kasey is in swim class when she is approached by Yvone who tells her to let her know if she can be of any help.

Chapter 53:
Cee swims

Chapter 54:
Kasey sinks to the bottom of the pool and brings up the report again. The family that was behind the leak is Yvone’s. Kasey deletes the report and surfaces.

Six Years Later:
Operation Reset is starting in 29 hours. Actinium has started killing people who are hurting the planet, from CEOs to those of below-average rank. It has taken six years, but the world is again on board with the operation. Actinium appears as a holo and reveals for all these years he had had a back up of his memories. He tells her that she'll fail as he has created bots that will prevent hers from waking Kasey up. Before leaving, he says they’ll see who is successful in 1000 years. Kasey chooses not to reveal Actinium’s bots and take the gamble.

I don't know about you, but I love an open ending! What a fantastic read!



1. How are you interpreting the end of the book? Do you think Cee wakes up humanity? If so, what do you think will happen to Hero?

2. What part of the book was your favourite?

3. And of course, did you enjoy the book?!