'The Poison Season' Book Club Readalong Day 5!

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @amazing_books_101

Welcome to the fifth day of our book club readalong for OwlCrate's December book, The Poison Season by Mara Rutherford!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 32-40 of The Poison Season, so make sure you read are finished this section before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box! Don't forget, you can also post about the readalong on Instagram with the hashtag #OCThePoisonSeason for another chance to win!

The story continues...

Chapter 32:
Leelo brings Jaren food, and tells him not to leave the cabin during the solstice festival the following day. They also confess to liking each other.

Chapter 33:
On the night of the solstice festival Leelo has a bit too much wine and steals from the celebration to visit Jaren. They end up kissing.

Chapter 34:
Once back at the celebration Ketty reveals that Sage and Hollis are engaged, although Sage seems far from happy about it. On the way home Leelo tells her mom she has feelings for someone.

Chapter 35:
Leelo hasn’t come to the cottage in days, and in the heat of the summer Jaren desperately needs to wash and get more water to drink. On his return he finds the door to the cabin open, and a girl who is not Leelo greets him.

Chapter 36:
Leelo hasn’t been able to get away from her cousin, but when she finally does she finds Isola at the cabin with Jaren. She agrees not to turn him in yet, but tells Leelo they need to talk.

Chapter 37:
After Isloa leaves, Leelo explains why she was away for so long. They admit they have fallen for each other.

Chapter 38:
Leelo and her family go for a picnic, and her mom reveals that Leelo told her she had feelings for someone. When Sage pries, she mentions the name of a boy from across the island, but Sage appears to not be fooled.

Chapter 39:
Leelo goes to see Jaren in the night.

Chapter 40:
Having accidentally fallen asleep, Leelo rushes home but is caught sneaking in by Ketty. When Ketty asks who she was with, Leelo refuses to answer. Ketty tells her that she is not to leave the house except for Watcher duty, and she must always be with Sage.



  1. Do you think Isola will reveal Jaren's presence?
  2. What do you think Isola needs to reveal to Leelo?
  3. How do you think Leelo will get around her aunt's demand that she not leave the house?

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