"This Dark Descent" Readalong Day 1

Amber and I are BACK this November for a fun new readalong! We're about to start our monthly discussion over on The Nest for our October YA book "This Dark Descent" by Kalyn Josephson!

Remember! You Need To Find Us On The Nest!

As a reminder, our interactive monthly discussions will be on The Nest! Go check out Amber's discussion that will be full of fun extras like bookish charades, shelf scavenger hunts and coloring pages!

On each day, Amber and the mods will read a section of This Dark Descent   in The Nest's group, and then discuss in the comments our theories and predictions. This means there will be spoilers for each section! Beware! 

Just a reminder, today will be a SPOILER discussion for chapters 1-6  of This Dark Descent, so make sure you're finished before checking out Amber's discussion questions!

Adult Fantasy August Theme Follow The Breadcrumbs
photo by : @theproseandcons

This Dark Descent Readalong

This month, as the team is heading into Black Friday and our end of the year wrap up, rather than a chapter by chapter breakdown, I'll be providing my thoughts on the book so far. 

Let us know over on The Nest if you agree with my mild to medium hot takes ;) 

Thoughts on Chapter One

  • Okay firstly you're all reading this book on easy mode because we didn't get the hierarchy page in the initial manuscript and these are PRETTY. 
  • “Horses will speak to you only if you listen” is a wonderful quote I wish my horse knew. Seriously, someone should speak to him. 
  • As an equestrian (person who rides horses), I'd like to imagine that I wouldn't gallop through what amounts to a sewer at breakneck speed with weapons, but I'd do it for 20 silver marks…let's be honest I'd do it for free. 
  • I take it back. I have zero knife riding skills. Well, I can slice cucumbers better than Kendall. That's it. 
  • I can already tell both Iri and Mikira are baddies.
  • Just like previous aforementioned riding through tunnels, I'd really like to ride in the Illinir. It sounds amazing. I'd die, but that's the risks we take. 
  • Ridiculous taxes? Not being allowed to be a solo enchanter? This country sounds like a bad time. Protect Kira's dad these peeps are mean. 
  • #savethefamilyranch
  • Rezek Kelbra is a pure villain name and you can't convince me otherwise. 
  • :O kidnapping Daddy Rusel?!
  • What a dealio, Kira - winning the Illinir? Time to get a worthy pony…


Thoughts On Chapter Two

  • Wait the air always smells like gunpowder? Seems eternally dangerous, somehow?
  • Propaganda posters = bad. Sick Harbinger icons for ruling Houses = incredibly cool. I don't make the rules.
  • Something for our back pocket : people need and want verillion. It's magical or something. Take notes. 
  • I don't want a lot for Christmas…there's just one thing I need…I'm putting “enchanted coach” on my holiday wishlist.
  • So this fancy party is like the Met Ball? Invite only and no one really wants to be there?
  • “Lord Adair” with gray eyes. Immediate swoon. Stan forever. 
  • He's so grumpy.
  • He's immediately dreamy. Damien 5ever.
  • Kira's having a real hard time getting sponsored, isn't she? Peeps seem scared of this Kelbra fellow.
  • He will let her keep the prize money and just take the royal boon if she wins the race? Girl, take the gift horse.
  • Oh phew, she did. We're in the Illinir, baby!

Thoughts On Chapter Three

  • “Monsters rarely look like monsters”. Yea well, you haven't seen my sleep paralysis demons. 
  • However, yea, anyone can be a monster. Anyone.
  • Man, Ari is cooler than all of us already. 
  • Fantasy math is like “verillion plus gems equals magic”. 
  • I'm not certain why Ari is shying away from the power that book is whispering to her. What could go wrong?
  • Okay well, she did just create a sentient creature. I can see how that could be bad in the wrong hands. 
  • High key wish I could just use a word to make my cat calm. 
  • I hope this golem dog is disobedient and bites that lady. 
  • Oh no…not more bad men. 

Thoughts On Chapter Four

  • Oh no these guys are bad news.
  • Why am I getting Kaz Brekker vibes, though?
  • He wants Ari to enchant a HORSE!
  • Can she enchant me a horse? Mine is less than obedient…
  • He's half Kinnish? His Kinnish name is DARA?! Be still my heart. 
  • He tells her she can have anything she wants? Yall.
  • Good answer, Ari. 

Thoughts On Chapter Five

  • We're back to our girl, Kira. 
  • I too, wonder what in the four hells I'm doing. It's fine.
  • The descriptions of Adair Manor have me making a Pinterest inspo page. Frosted waterfall like windows…yes.
  • This Reid guy is grumpy in a not as compelling way so far. 
  • Wow these folks are the kings of oversharing and yet telling Kira nothing. Just casually dropping you were brought up in a mortuary is not “casual chats over tea” content. Bruh.
  • Damien, a partnership isn't you get all the cards and Kira gets some. Dunce. Still stan you, though. 
  • We love a revolutionist and conman, don't we? Maybe that's me. I can change him…or I could join him. Hehe. 

Thoughts On Chapter Six

  • ARI how dare you find Damien manipulative. I mean, he is but we're fine with it. 
  • It's alright, Kira, I down my whisky in one go as well. 
  • I have to suspend my disbelief here because if someone told me they could enchant me a horse in three weeks, I'd be so thrilled. Sign me up.
  • I'd also like a fancy barn at a fancy manor house, please. 
  • Ari threatening Damien with a golem is the content I signed up for. 
  • And when she doesn't use them he puts them on himself. 
  • Besties, I stand by my choice. I'm team Damien ty. 

Book Imagery Fun!

Just for fun here's my original graphic from curation's notes for “This Dark Descent”. 

Let me know as you read if you agree with my book imagery over on The Nest's discussion group!

Book Imagery : This Dark Descent



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