This Dark Descent

"This Dark Descent" Readalong Day 4

Amber and I are BACK this November for a fun new readalong! We're about to start our monthly discussion over on The Nest for our October YA book "This Dark Descent" by Kalyn Josephson!

Remember! You Need To Find Us On The Nest!

As a reminder, our interactive monthly discussions will be on The Nest! Go check out Amber's discussion that will be full of fun extras like bookish charades, shelf scavenger hunts and coloring pages!

On each day, Amber and the mods will read a section of This Dark Descent   in The Nest's group, and then discuss in the comments our theories and predictions. This means there will be spoilers for each section! Beware! 

Just a reminder, today will be a SPOILER filled reaction for chapters 19-24  of This Dark Descent, so make sure you're finished before checking out the blog and the discussion group!

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This Dark Descent Readalong

This month, as the team is heading into Black Friday and our end of the year wrap up, rather than a chapter by chapter breakdown, I'll be providing my thoughts on the book so far. 

Let us know over on The Nest if you agree with my mild to medium hot takes ;) 

Read these AFTER you're finished not as you go! 

Thoughts on Chapter Nineteen

  • You're not giving yourself enough credit, Kira. None of us feel worthy of ballgowns. It's all pretend!
  • “He looks gorgeous” and it's Reid. LOL.
  • I take it back that's a lovely description. Doesn't suit him, but he must be gorgeous.
  • “Where are my flowers” here for this Kira v Reid content. 
  • Don't worry, Kira. Wealthy people are just as insecure as you are. 
  • See? Folks remember your family name. You deserve a place here.
  • It really is all about industry, Kira. 
  • Damien to the rescue for the 40th time. 
  • Kira did you HAVE to go grasping with Rezek for the sake of your own pride?
  • Careful Kira, this Quinn person seems a little over eager. 

Thoughts On Chapter Twenty

  • Has anyone stopped to consider that this race may not actually be appropriate for all ages? 
  • It's perfectly okay to fancy both Quinn and Reid, Kira. Bit off base with your taste but it's fine. 
  • If you could enchant feelings of confusion and rage then theoretically they could also chill people out with them? Imagine how relaxing that would be. 
  • Of course it's the opposite of what Kira is feeling currently. 
  • Oh HEY there IS a calming one. Neat. 
  • Well rode, Kira!

Thoughts On Chapter Twenty-One

  • I feel like I spaced about there being a Prince in the race but I'm all for the Prince and the Pauper life. 
  • Quinn seems very revolutionary!
  • Damien to the rescue for the 41st time AND he's going to help sell one of Kira's horses to royalty? Be still my heart. 
  • See Kira? You have fans. 
  • I want ever changing chestnut gobstoppers. Well, maybe if I wasn't allergic to tree nuts. Ho hum. 
  • Wait Quinn is Kira's long lost friend, Talyana?I actually did not see that coming. 
  • I'm back to feeling sus about this girl, Kira. She can't be going around calling my dude Damien a murder. He probably is, but who cares?

Thoughts On Chapter Twenty-Two

  • Why do I feel like Ari could take anyone in this book?
  • Don't worry, Ari. You wouldn't hurt sweet baby Damien. 
  • Wait. Enchanters can EAT verillion?
  • I want to be a powerful enchanter and eat verillion!
  • Never mind, it has a CELERY texture? Hard pass. 
  • Wow Goddess Ari has arrived. 
  • And Damien's admiration is adorable.
  • Atta girl. I wouldn't be afraid anymore, either. 

Thoughts On Chapter Twenty-Three

  • Ooookay is anyone else now just quite frankly unsettled by Ari's behaviour or is it just me? 
  • Feed him to the wolf? Oh my. 
  • I guess well done for letting the golem cat escape, though? 
  • I really wasn't expecting this full on revenge mode but here we are in a sketch pub. 
  • How many pubs are in this city, anyway? 
  • Ari couldn't you have just talked to 
    Damien rather than going on this weird goose chase?
  • Well it's not like talking to Damien went any better. 
  • Little homicidal babies!

Thoughts On Chapter Twenty-Three

  • Ooh Kira look at you go. Playing your friend and Reid ;) 
  • Remember to spend some time with your own horse, too. 
  • Oh dear it's a storm. 
  • Oh no! Kira…lighting…and not Starling!
  • Poor Ailene and poor Starling. 
  • Oh this time Reid came to the rescue. Thank goodness for him. 



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