This Dark Descent

"This Dark Descent" Readalong Day 6

Amber and I are BACK this November for a fun new readalong! We're about to start our monthly discussion over on The Nest for our October YA book "This Dark Descent" by Kalyn Josephson!

Remember! You Need To Find Us On The Nest!

As a reminder, our interactive monthly discussions will be on The Nest! Go check out Amber's discussion that will be full of fun extras like bookish charades, shelf scavenger hunts and coloring pages!

On each day, Amber and the mods will read a section of This Dark Descent   in The Nest's group, and then discuss in the comments our theories and predictions. This means there will be spoilers for each section! Beware! 

Just a reminder, today will be a SPOILER filled reaction for chapters 31-36  of This Dark Descent, so make sure you're finished before checking out the blog and the discussion group!

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This Dark Descent Readalong

This month, as the team is heading into Black Friday and our end of the year wrap up, rather than a chapter by chapter breakdown, I'll be providing my thoughts on the book so far. 

Let us know over on The Nest if you agree with my mild to medium hot takes ;) 

Read these AFTER you're finished not as you go! 

Thoughts on Chapter Thirty-One

  • Anyone else wondering what the manufacturing cost would be on diamond chandeliers? I mean there is wealth and then there is crown jewels money. 
  • This is totally unrelated but for fun read Throne Of Glass and count how many mentions of chandeliers you find. It's more than you'd expect. 
  • Oh, Kira we all make mistakes. Your father's aren't yours. 
  • You're welcome for the amazing horse you don't deserve, Your Higness. 
  • Oh my goodness, Rezek you're a total villain. 
  • I have to say though, I'd never let a horse of mine be used in the Illinir. 
  • Oh Talyana now is not the time. 
  • Oh Kira I feel like you're placing your trust in the wrong person. 

Thoughts On Chapter Thirty-Two

  • Why does Rezek seem to just crawl from the woodwork at every single moment?
  • The Head of Kelbra doesn't seem nice but I won't like, I like that he doesn't like his son. 
  • Why is Loic so weird about Damien's girlfriend? He's high key like the biggest walking red flag. 
  • I wonder how this arrest is going to go, Damien. 

Thoughts On Chapter Thirty-Three

  • Ari is in the Kelbra dungeons? OH NO. 
  • Wait, what is Rezek if not just a random dude?
  • Oh camon, Kelbra. Torture is so last year.
  • I can't wait for Damien to get revenge. 
  • No, wait, I can't wait for Ari to exact some painful revenge. 

Thoughts On Chapter Thirty-Four

  • Oh Kira, drawings of you? How very Jack and Rose!
  • Kira are you seriously still on Talyana's side in all this? 
  • I think that it's entirely fair that Reid is sending you home. 
  • Seriously though Tal how dare you go to Kira's house after all of this. 
  • Your desire to battle the elite is admirable Talyana but your efforts are misplaced. 
  • Don't help her, Kira!
  • Oh thank goodness. 

Thoughts On Chapter Thirty-Five

  • I'm totally okay with the sentient voice coaching Ari through this torture. 
  • And I'm very much looking forward to her getting freed. 
  • Oh Kira's dad to the rescue!
  • But what on earth was that in the last cell??
  • Oh yes, Reid you're right. Damien is going to kill someone for what happened to Ari. 
  • Oh sir guards you're not going to want to bother Ari after she eats magic celery…
  • Oof.
  • Oh I can't wait for you to fight back, Ari. 

Thoughts On Chapter Thirty-Six

  • I wasn't expecting her to go full on right away but I'm here for kidnapper Ari. 
  • Okay actually you're taking this all a bit far again. 
  • But maybe don't let him get the upper hand while you worry about your guilt over torturing him? 
  • Hmm okay I didn't have “staking a man in the heart with a chair leg” on my BINGO for this book but here we are. 
  • Okay Shira is a bro for that but maybe Ari could do a little teensy bit more than just forgive herself for the murder and torture of a man? 

    This got DARK but let's see where it goes tomorrow!



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