'Violet Made of Thorns' Book Club Readalong Day 7!

By: OwlCrate . Photo By: @dreamsaysherheart

Welcome back to the final day of our book club readalong for OwlCrate's July book, Violet Made of Thorns!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 23 to the end of of Violet Made of Thorns, so make sure you read are finished before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box! Don't forget, you can also post about the readalong on Instagram with the hashtag #OCVioletMadeOfThorns for another chance to win! I will be selecting winners on Tuesday, August 30th.

The story concludes...

Chapter 23:

One of the Rayas is clearly the witch, but Violet doesn't tell the crowd. Witch Raya demands that blood be brought to dismantle any glamors being used. Cyrus hesitates, and starts questioning whether Violet has been telling the truth about Nadiya, and claims that Violet seduced him. The witch is enchanting everyone in the room, but tells Violet that he isn’t enchanting Cyrus - he truly is thinking these things. Both Rayas are arrested and before Violet can be taken and held, she tells the room that it was Cyrus who seduced her first.

Chapter 24:
Violet is joined by Cyrus and the king, the latter of which hits Cyrus with his cane, breaking ribs. The king tells Violet that she will retire, and he will get another Seer. As for Cyrus, he will have no reign.

After the king leaves Violet turns a plant into a new thorn, and hovering over Cyrus he tells her that he fell in love with her the day she saved his life in the market. To his surprise, Violet goes through with it and stabs him, but instead of destroying his body like the witch said, vines and leaves burst out of the wound. The witch appears at the door.


Chapter 25:
The thorn has started transforming Cyrus into a beast. The witch makes a case for Violet to join her - to leave and become more than a Seer. Sighted are meant to serve the Fates and if they work together perhaps they can become them someday. The witch lets go of the block she put on Violet’s Sight, and although wounded and transforming, Cyrus tells her not to believe the witch. Violet choses Cyrus, and eventually, using her own powers, overcomes the witch, who eventually turns into a wounded raven and flees, telling Violet she will see her again.

Chapter 26:
Violet makes Cyrus drink her blood, which turns him human again, but he is still injured. Together they stagger out into the palace, seeing the massacre that has taken place. Camilla finds them, and takes them up to where it should be safe. They notice the door to the king’s quarters is open, and inside they find Dante, telling them this is his last resort. He kills the king and flees.

Chapter 27:
The court is in upheaval, but Cyrus never outs Dante as the king’s killer. Dante is gone, and so is Nadiya. It seems like war will come no matter what they do. The vines on Violet’s tower are rotting and she suspects the witch spilled her blood there on the night of the wedding. The tower needs to burn before the rot spreads.

Chapter 28:
Violet decides it’s time for her to leave, but as she’s packing Cyrus appears at her door, once again turning into a beast. She lets him drink her blood, getting rid of the signs. She’s still determined to leave when Cyrus tells her to be his queen instead.

They spin a tale, making Cyrus’ condition the fault of the witch, and Violet, the savior. War is still coming.




  1. First off, did you enjoy the book? Would you read book two?
  2. What do you think happened to Nadiya?
  3. Do you think Violet will remain tempted to join the witch?
  4. Where do you think Dante fled to, and do you think he is still truly Cyrus' friend?
  5. This is a duology! What are your predictions for the second book?

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