Witches Steeped in Gold Readalong Day 4

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @a.o.tales

Alright folks, we're over half way there! Welcome to day four of the Witches Steeped in Gold Readalong!

Today we're swimming through chapters 25-30. A couple chunky chapters today, but much has been revealed! Oh course avoid my chapter summaries until you're up to date. Spoilers would be no fun! When you're all caught up some discuss this meaty section in the comments!


Chapter 25:
Jazmyne: Back in her study with Anya, Jazmyne finally receives a response to her missive to Vea. A coach is waiting to take them to meet with her. On the way, Jazmyne finally reveals to Anya all of her plans for ascension as well as the existence of Ira. When they come to meet Vea, Anya is not permitted entry and unfortunately Vea wants nothing to do with helping Jazmyne anyways.
After a drink with Roje, one of Vea's subordinates, Anya realizes Black River is under attack by the Jade Guild. They flee on the back of a jungle prowler.

Chapter 26:
Ira: In the seclusion of her bohío, Ira calls on her ancestors to help remove the glyphs behind her ears and free her bound magic. Although extremely painful, she is successful, but unfortunately the glyphs were alarmed to notify the Xanthippe if tampered with. They call the doyenne, who appears and gives Ira more glyphs that will be impossible to remove.

Chapter 27:
Jazmyne: At a meeting of the Witches Council after the second attack, the doyenne tasks Jazmyne with touring the island so as to assuage the fears of the people.
Back in her rooms, Kirdan and Anya are waiting for her. Kirdan lets her know that there was an incident and Ira is still unconscious. Anya agrees to go with Jazmyne on the tour.

Chapter 28:
Ira: Ira awakes to find Delyse and Ford caring for her battered body. Apparently Kirdan had come after the doyenne left and ordered a Bush Healer to help her. Delyse promises that she, Nel, Shamar and Ford will help her with training until she’s back on her feet.

Chapter 29:
Jazmyne: Jazmyne makes the first speech of her tour, deviating from the doyenne’s proposed script. Although it goes well, once the party returns to the sloop it appears the Jade Guild has struck again, killing the Xanthippe that were guarding and leaving the bodies, while also branding Jazmyne a bag-a-war.
At their next stop the tag is again there, so they divert course and head to Lawson Bay, where Jazmyne will have to endure dinner with Javal and his family after he survived the second Yielding trial. While looking for something appropriate to wear, Roje appears, letting Jazmyne know that he and a few others are looking out for her. Is romance in the air??

Chapter 30:
Ira: The Masters surprise the shields with a challenge course, which with Ira’s new glyphs is all but impossible. When the other shields stop for lunch, Ira carries on and as she loses control of her magic is observed by an Obeah-man who immediately calls her Empress. Whisked away from a mob by Delyse, she and Shamar confront her about being the Empress and the plans the shields have with the Jade Guild. They believe a reason the doyenne kept Ira alive was to use her to search for jéges, which Ira believes to be fictional.
They reveal that the Jade Guild is planning to strike during the Sole with help from the shields who will then flee, to return to fight for the city once the doyenne is dead. They want Ira to convince the remaining shields who haven’t joined the Jade Guild to rally behind her.
Back in her bohío she is confronted by a very strange acting Kirdan, who proposes talk of a truce, then sifts them away.

Well that was a cliffhanger to end on today! I want more!



1. Where on earth do you think Kirdan is taking Ira?

2. Do you think something ominous is going to happen at the dinner with Javal’s family?

3. Which of the jéges do you think the doyenne has, if any? Do you think they are in fact real?

4. Who do you think in Jazmyne’s party was reporting to the Jade Guild her tour stops? Do you think they’ll track her down on her new route?