Witches Steeped in Gold Readalong Day 3

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @shelivesinfantasy

Happy Sunday, friends! Day three of the Witches Steeped in Gold readalong is upon us!

Today we're conquering chapter 17-24! Really getting into the meat of the story now! As always, please don't read my brief chapter summaries if you haven't yet caught up. Feel free to go at your own pace and come back to answer the questions at the end when you're ready! Remember, by participating in the conversation one lucky person will win a free OwlCrate box!


Chapter 17:
Jazmyne: Jazmyne attends Mourner’s Row and is sought out by Kirdan. She tells him that she has decided it is time for the doyenne to die, while he isn’t so sure. Jazmyne is summoned for the Yielding Assembly.

Chapter 18:
Ira: Delyse helps Ira learn to control and use her magic! Ira still isn’t interested in making friends in a bid to hide her identity.

Chapter 19:
Jazmyne: At the assembly the doyenne calls the seven selected Yielders and explains over the next two months they will participate in four trials. Members of the Nameless interrupt the assembly protesting the Yielding. The doyenne orders them arrested by any means necessary and the doyenne herself performs a powerful act of magic to break the Nameless’ shield.

Chapter 20:
Ira: While practicing using her magic with Delyse, Ira stalks away in frustration and loses control of her magic setting a grass fire. In a panic, Delyse goes for help bringing Shamar back with her, but luckily it starts to rain heavily and puts the fire out. What did they see???

Chapter 21:
Jazmyne: Jazmyne summons Kirdan to her study and tells him of her plan to use Iraya to kill the doyenne and place herself in charge. Anya appears at the window and reveals that the doyenne has killed Light Keeper. At this news, Jazmyne decides to call in a favor from her sister’s pirate ex.

Chapter 22:
Ira: Delyse finally gets Ira to meet some of the other shields. After a conversation about the Jade Guild that Ira feels is getting into dangerous territory she makes her exit, but as she does so she is beckoned by a witch being controlled through the Glyph of Connection. Jazmyne has come to warn her to make no trouble, while Ira hits back with a warning of her own - don’t trust the Zesian.

Chapter 23:
Jazmyne: It’s the night of the first trial and the doyenne has tasked the Yielders with rounds of fighting until the weakest can no longer continue.
Days later, Kirdan and Jazmyne travel to a fabric shop that is currently acting as a front for the Nameless. As they congregate in the back, Jazmyne tells the members to go home and wait for change to come.

Chapter 24:
Ira: Atop a bohío, Ira waits for a busha to attack another person and goes in pursuit, something she has been doing nightly in order to practice control of her magic. The busha calls her Night Prowler and begins to fight back physically. Abruptly, Ira is grabbed by Kirdan and taken into her own bohío as more busha were coming in pursuit. Kirdan warns her again to stop making trouble.

Day three is done my friends! We're over a third of the way there! I don't know about you but I am loving this world.



1. With Jazmyne determined to find a way around Ira’s vow, how do you think that is going to come about?

2. What do you think was in the missive that Jazmyne sent to Vea?

3. Do you think there’s any merit in the warning Ira gave to Jazmyne about not trusting Kirdan?

4. Did you expect the doyenne to kill Light Keeper? Do you think Jazmyne’s request that members of the Nameless go home and bide their time is wise?