Witches Steeped in Gold Readalong Day 6

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @ashleyyyreads

It's the penultimate day of our Witches Steeped in Gold readalong! We're nearly there my friends!

Today we're tackling chapters 39-48! As always, please do not read the chapter summaries until you're finished with this section. That would be no fun for you! When you're caught up come back and discuss what the heck is going on in the comments!


Chapter 39:
Jazmyne: Presider Caldwell has locked herself in a room with no way out save where Jazmyne is waiting with an unconscious Anya. She takes it upon herself to enter the room to try to kill Presider Caldwell, but Caldwell knows she is there and prevents her from moving. Lucky for her, this is when Kirdan and Iraya appear and finish the job.
Jazmyne attends an assembly in the doyenne’s study and they do suspect it is the Jade Guild who is guilty of the murder.

Chapter 40:
Ira: While playing a game of Bull Inna Pen, Ira uses her Adair magic and the Obeah take a knee before her. She decides to act as their Empress in hopes of keeping them safe, even if she will never take the throne.

Chapter 41:
Jazmyne: The Nameless are celebrating their success at Anya’s house when the Xanthippe barge in demanding Jazmyne go with them as there has been a Jade Guild attack.

Chapter 42:
Ira: While listening to a Bonemantis tell the tale of Aiyca, there are warning signs of a raid from the doyenne. Ira shouts for everyone to get back inside and hide evidence of their revelries. Back in her bohío, the doyenne finds her and Delyse, and warns them that if they find any evidence one of the shields was hiding the infiltrator who killed her presiders, they all will pay.

Chapter 43:
Jazmyne: Kirdan and Ira finish translating the map, finding that the mirror is hidden in the Salt Woods. The doyenne has tasked Jazmyne with narrowing down candidates for three new presiders.

Chapter 44:
Ira: Jazmyne summons Ira to the stables to let her know that she is going to be away from the estate when they’re searching for the mirror. She also tells Ira of her plot with Kirdan to seduce her.
Kirdan sifts them outside the estate where they meet a Zesian shadowcat named Niusha, which they will ride to the Salt Woods.


Not a majestic cat to ride, but I couldn't find a GIF I wanted so enjoy this bird riding a bike.

Chapter 45:
Jazmyne: Jazmyne meets Roje with the mind to ask him for help, but he reveals that now Vea is dead, once the new Pirate Queen is crowned the pirates will raid Aiyca for the Conduit Falls. Jazmyne pleads with Roje to back her as the new Pirate Queen.



(Yes, I've used a similar GIF before but it's too god not to!)

Chapter 46:

Ira: At the Salt Woods Kirdan confronts Ira about being a Boatema and her lack of desire to help her people.
Ira discovers the mirror, only for them to be attacked by Zealot magi who must have followed them to the Salt March. They are able to flee with mirror in hand.
Back in the Adair graveyard, Ira neglects to give Kirdan the second mirror she found in the box. Upon returning to the village a Xanthippe says the doyenne wants to see her in regards to the bruckout that happened while she was away.

Chapter 47:
Jazmyne: Jazmyne and Anya eavesdrop on the Witches Council’s conversation about the night’s bruckout. After adjourning the meeting, the doyenne asks Jazmyne to prepare a statement saying that there was a fire in the Cuartel, not an attack.
Back in her study, Jazmyne tasks Kirdan with finding out Ira’s fate.

Chapter 48:
Ira: Locked in the holding cells, Xanthippe bring in Delyse and Shamar. They tell her they fought because they thought the doyenne had taken her. The Xanthippe bring Ira to the doyenne’s study, and using a guzzu to control her, forces her to kill 14 Obeah, including Delyse and Shamar.

I don't know about you, but I had a solitary tear in my eyes when I read that last chapter. :(



1. What do you think Ira’s next step will be now that she has killed so many?

2. What do you think will become of the second mirror?

3. Who do you think attacked Ira and Kirdan in the Salt Marsh?

4. What do you think Roje’s decision will be regarding making Jazmyne the new Pirate Queen?

5. And lastly - predictions on how it’s all going to wrap up tomorrow!