Everything You Need to Know About our JINXED theme!

By: Sally White Photo By: @heyatlascreative

Here is what you can expect to find inside our November 2022 box . . .

Jinxes, curses, evil spells ... why do our favorite characters always have such bad luck?? Because it makes for a really great story, and our November read is no exception! 

About the book:

November's book is an atmospheric standalone fantasy set in a swampy locale, full of incredible characters, unbreakable bonds, and lots of adventure. It will be perfect for fans of The Accidental Apprentice, Serafina, and The Mirrorwood.

The subscriber edition will be signed and include a special letter from the author, plus the 11th in our collection of character cards by Andrew Kolb

Want to know the book we're including? Check out our spoiler page HERE!

About the goodies:

November's box will feature items inspired by Nevermoor, Ella Enchanted, The Mirrorwood, and Howl's Moving Castle!

Sneak Peek #1: 
Jestenia Southerland OwlCrate Jr November artist sneak peek preview

Every box will include a large, high quality bookish decor item designed by Jestenia Southerland and inspired by a book from OwlCrate Jr’s recent past!

Jestenia is an incredible children’s book illustrator who specializes in dreamy fantasy settings and creatures. We worked with her previously in our January 2021 box and are so excited to bring her back to design such a substantial item. We can’t wait to see it on bookshelves!

Sneak Peek #2: 
Jess Gunderson OwlCrate Jr November artist item sneak peek preview pillowcase

Every JINXED box will include a full color printed pillowcase designed by Jess Gunderson! Jess is a mega-talented design and illustrator based in Minneapolis, who specialized in hand lettering. It’s hard not to smile while looking at her portfolio. Seriously, go have a look, we dare you to keep a straight face!

Now what could a pillowcase have to do with a box all about jinxes and curses…
🤔 You’ll have to sign up to find out for yourself! Feel free to share your guesses in the comments below.

Sneak Peek #3: 
Jessie Carper OwlCrate Jr November artist item sneak peek preview Howl's Moving Castle

Each JINXED box will include a very cool piece by @thejessiecarper inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle! Have you read Howl’s Moving Castle (or seen the
incredible Miyazaki movie, of course)? Diana Wynne Jones’ story of Sophie, Howl and Calcifer is mesmerizing! Jessie has brought one of our favorite cursed
characters from the story to life for our subscribers! We can’t wait for you to see it…

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