It's Almost Time!

December is here! 

Only two more weeks til our intended December 14th - December 25th unboxing begins!

We know some of you were a little too excited and already dove in (we love seeing your unboxings online!) but for those of you who have opened your box but not the individual items, your patience is admirable.

This project was a lot of fun for the Advent Team as we were a team of non-curators who wanted the chance to be creative. Hats off to the true OwlCrate Curation Team! This project was a lot of work and I (Crystal) couldn’t imagine doing this on a monthly basis. So many moving parts! But we all thoroughly enjoyed it and a so happy with how it all turned out.

Secret! … OwlCrate has another specially-themed box coming up soon so be sure to watch for announcements. Same creative drive. All new team. That’s all I can say! 

Without any spoilers, we wanted to hype up the days we are most excited about people seeing. As part of our official blog-based unboxing from December 26th and December 31st, we will dive into more specifics, reveal photos, and feature the artists - maybe some behind-the-scenes snippets, too!

For now, these are the days we are most excited to see people’s reactions to…

“I am super excited for Day 2, 6, and 11 because they complement each other very nicely and give massive comfy, cozy self-care vibes and I loved the process of working with the talented individuals who produced and designed them.”

 - Marina

"I'm most excited for Day 3 as it was something I got to work on myself and I am really looking forward to seeing people wear it (hint! hint!) but I am also really excited for days 1, 8, and 12 as I adored working with a very talented OwlCrate artists for these items and they turned out even better than expected!”

 - Sophie

“I'm most excited for days 5, 7 and 9, though I'm completely biased because I worked closely on the first two, and the third is based on one of my most favourite book series ever. All three artists dove into their designs with such beautiful vision and absolutely smashed it!”

- Shanleigh

“For me, it's Day 10. It's a little item but I enjoyed seeing it evolve from a rough little sketch to what it is now. I also got to work with an artist whose past OwlCrate work I’ve always loved! And also Day 4 because, honestly, I never say no to a … this type of item… and there are two!”

- Crystal


“I am so excited for everything in this box. I cannot wait to begin opening all the wonderful items but I think the ones I am most excited for are Day 1 and 6. They just give me such a cozy vibe for curling up by the fire watching the snowfall and enjoying a great book.”


There you have it! Not a single person on the Advent Team could choose just one day to be excited about. There are just too many magical things we love!

Stay Tuned for Unboxing Fun December 15th-26th!

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