Have You Been Peeking?

Have You Been Peeking?

All Pre-Ordered Advents Calendars Have Been Shipped!

Did yours arrive? Did you open it all at once or tuck it away for December?

We are so excited to see all the lovely feedback online - and not too many spoilers. 

One of the things the Advent Team is really happy with is how beautiful the green box turned out. We got to pick custom colours specifically for this box, and wanted a cozy, green and gold, woodland vibe. We think we pulled it off and the photos you have been sharing online look beautiful!

We have also noticed some positive comments about our brown, craft paper packaging. We wanted everything to match, and fit those woodland vibes, but also wanted to keep things as eco-friendly as we could.

We did spoil Day One on social media as a little bit sneak peek. Cheryl made this beautifully festive video but don't watch it if you prefer a surprise later!

Stay Tuned for Unboxing Fun December 15th-26th!

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The 2023 Timeless Tales Advent Calendars are Still Available!