On The 10th Day Of Magic, Ozwald Gave To Me…

On The 10th Day Of Magic, Ozwald Gave To Me…

Time for Day 10 with Christianne! Honestly, we were all equally delighted with this puzzle and hope you were, too.

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We hope you enjoy your Dream Library Puzzle

Is it really the holidays if you haven't pulled out a good ole jigsaw puzzle? Here is our mini twist on that classic pastime! 

How do you puzzle? Do you start with the edge pieces first? Sort by colour? Start with a certain part of the image? Or just dive in and see what happens? Whatever your plan of action, we hope you enjoy this one!

Our Dream Library puzzle is inspired by all our favourite magical libraries - complete with Raven! - and was designed by Jordan Kincaid (@lovelyillustration).

A few members of our team met the fine folks of Micro Puzzles in early 2023 and we thought it would be fun to work with them on an item. Aren't the just the cutest little puzzles?

"I wanted the puzzle image to tie in bits of as many of the other box fandoms as we could. People may not notice, but there as some Advent Calendar Easter eggs in the design. There is Poe’s raven, and Calcifer is there. We have tea, and Belle’s rose, and the books spines have faeries, Anne, etc. It started with a terrible sketch on a piece of paper, but we had an idea. When it came to choosing an artist, I immediately wanted to ask Jordan. I've always loved the style of her work, and the spoiler cards she did for OwlCrate in the past. I was so happy she said yes. She brought so much more to my original design and I love it. 

That being said, I do want to apologize. I opened my puzzle after a late movie night, thinking it wouldn't take too long, and it was so hard! Hahahaha. 150 little pieces of fun but it also took me forever. Maybe it was just me. Micro Puzzles are on to something and I like how ours turned out.



Here is the full design…

There have been some really fun and amazing unboxings online and we love them! 
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