On The 3rd Day Of Magic, Ozwald Gave To Me…

On The 3rd Day Of Magic, Ozwald Gave To Me…

Marlena is popping in for Day 3 of our TikTok Advent Unboxing! Like Christianne, she didn't see any sneak peeks while we were creating these items, see any spoilers or sneak a peek when her box arrived. Her Day 3 reaction is gold (pun intended?) and we love it!

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We hope you enjoy your Seelie Court Jewelry Set!


When thinking about our cozy, woodland theme, including faerie folklore was a must - and we couldn’t forget the Seelie Court! The Unseelie, on the other hand… just kidding!

We talked about all our favourite fae stories - classic and modern - and pulled together all our favourite elements. We featured some of these elements, like the dagger, branches, and berries, with the Fae Beanie, but here, we wanted something shiny! 

Our very own Sophie, who I'm sure you all know from Instagram, is the talented owner of the Readers Society Shop, and we wanted to give her the chance to be featured in an OwlCrate box. This project was the perfect fit!

“The inspiration for the Seelie Set was faerie folklore (mainly in the UK), and fantasy books and folklore surrounding Seelie Courts. You might have read about Seelie Courts in the Shadowhunter Chronicles or The Folk of the Air Trilogy. 

The necklace is double-sided and features a sword/dagger on one side and a snowdrop flower on the other. The snowdrop is a reflection of winter and nature, and the dagger was inspired by ones we read about in our favourite fantasy faerie books.” 

- Sophie

“With the widespread popularity of the fae in many of our favourite books, I love that even though we had specific titles in mind when designing this set, you can still connect them to any of your favourite stories. For me, the snowdrop makes me think of Stardust by Neil Gaiman, and I love that!” 

- Crystal 

Once the necklace design was underway, we had another conversation. “Hey! Can we do a ring as well?" And we did! The Seelie Necklace became the Seelie Jewelry set and we hope you enjoy both!

Super behind-the-scenes sneak peek?


 Originally, the necklace was just the snowdrop. When we talked about bringing the ring into it all, we thought a sword ring would be cool. And then we thought of the double-sided pendant, which took the sword/dagger idea away from the ring. Which we feel was all for the best because using branches for the ring now seems like a no-brainer. It's amazing how many conversations go into a single item and how many changes and new avenues can be explored for just one thing. Again, we applaud our Curation Team who have these conversations every day. 

The branch ring is fully adjustable - just be sure to take it slowly when opening it up.

We went with a matching stainless steel gold plate set. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish. However, we recommend you remove all jewelry when bathing, swimming, or sunbathing for a longer-lasting product.

There have been some really fun and amazing unboxings online and we love them! 
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