Folklore tells us how things came to be and can guide us toward a prosperous future, but only if we heed the old tales' warnings. Magical, dark, and sometimes deadly, we must always respect their wisdom, or face the consequences. 

This is a one-time purchase of the August 2022 'STEEPED IN FOLKLORE' OwlCrate Box.

Your purchase includes:

The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones (exclusive signed OwlCrate edition)
     * Reversible dust jacket art by Gabriella Bujdoso
     * Exclusive foil stamps designed by Tes Medovich
     * Exclusive end page art by @niru.sky
* Exclusive The Drowned Woods author letter
Lord of the Rings-inspired ceramic bowl (#3 in a collection designed by Janine Lecour)
* 'Steeped in Folklore' exclusive tea blend (from Riddle's Tea Shoppe)
Six Crimson Cranes-inspired origami kit (designed by Kim Ekdahl)
Uprooted-inspired tapestry (designed by Eden Cooke)
The Wolf and the Woodsman-inspired enamel zipper pull (designed in collaboration with The Pickety Witch and Joan of Art)
Fable-inspired Literary Luggage enamel pin (designed by Hey Atlas Creative)

Photo by: Babs Books and @a.o.tales (from Instagram(

Graphic by: Hey Atlas Creative

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