'Garden Of The Cursed' Reading Schedule

By: Jordan Fleming Photo By: @a.o.tales

Amber and I are BACK this July for a fun new readalong! We're about to start our monthly discussion for our June YA book "Garden Of The Cursed" by Katy Rose Pool!

Remember! Our monthly discussions will be both here on the OwlCrate blog AND on The Nest! 

Did you know The Nest is an app powered by OwlCrate, and it is the perfect nest for the bookish community to gather?!⁠ The Nest is where we can all experience the joy, curiosity, and discussions that come with being a bookworm. This community is not just for OwlCrate subscribers. ⁠

It's a free to everyone app available on Apple iOS, Google Play Store and even on the web at thenest.owlcrate.com! All are welcome! Our Threads That Bind discussion group will ran by The Nest's most amazing discussion moderator, Amber, and it will be available to everyone starting July 18th. Join in to experience fun trivia, fan casts, a chapter by chapter discussion and even more bonus content, so head on over to The Nest!

And now...

On each day we'll read a section of Garden Of The Cursed, both on the blog and in The Nest's group, and then discuss in the comments our theories and predictions. This means there will be spoilers for each section! Beware! 

By engaging in these discussions here on the blog, someone will win a shop credit and if you engage on The Nest - you will be in the running to win an OwlCrate box! How will we choose a winner? Great question! Amber and I will randomly select two awesome readers at the end of the readalong to win the shop card or box!

Find our chapter by chapter schedule for Garden Of The Cursed below: 

✨ August 20th - Chapters 1-4

✨ August 21st - Chapters 5-6

✨ August 22nd - Chapters 7-9

✨ August 23rd - Chapters 10-12

✨ August 24th - Chapters 13-15

✨ August 25th - Chapters 16-18

✨ August 26th - Chapters 19-23

✨ August 27th - Chapters 24-28


Don’t think you will be able to read the full section on time each day? No worries! On both the blog and in The Nest's discussion group, you'll be able to read your own pace and come back to answer the questions and discuss when you’re done.

And as always, if you have any questions for us about the readalong here on the blog or on The Nest -  you can ask away!