'Masters Of Death' Book Club Readalong Day 4 & 5!

By: Jordan Fleming Photo By: @a.o.tales

Amber and I are BACK this October for a fun new readalong! We're about to start our monthly discussion for our August Adult book (recommended by those 18+), Masters Of Death by Olivie Blake!

As a reminder, from now on, our monthly discussions will be both here on the OwlCrate blog AND on The Nest! Go check out Amber's discussion that will be full of fun extra content!

On each day we'll read a section of Masters Of Death, both on the blog and in The Nest's group, and then discuss in the comments our theories and predictions. This means there will be spoilers for each section! Beware! 

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for chapters 12-18 of Masters Of Death , so make sure you read or are finished this section before continuing.


This book is fantastic...I hope you're in agreement? 

•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•

Chapter 12:

An immortal King wearing a mortal man's skin addresses a group of summoned deities. He tells them that he's captured Death and that he holds Death's book of wins and losses, including a lot of information about the deities gathered about the game he plays with them. The immortal King is upset that he's not been asked to play this game. 

He tells them it's time to challenge Death. 

Chapter 13:

Raphael and Gabriel call upon both sides, that being Heaven and Hell, together in a not-quite-courtroom to inform them that Death is missing. 

They tell the gathered demons and angels, which include Mayra and Cal, that Death needs to be found. Cal tells them that he feels that Death missing is more their problem. 

Cal and Mayra sass Raphael and Gabriel until they tell them that Death's ledger is missing. Yes, that ledger, the one for the game. 

Chapter 14:

We are told and learn through many mortal's and immortal's lives, about the game. The game is simple, too simple, and has no rules, save one: Don't lose. The game has no tricks, save one: You may play to beat the player, but even so, you must always play to beat the game. 

The keeper of the ledger maintains power, and whoever controls the game controls all the players - even Death. 

Chapter 15:

Fox, Brandt, Tom, Isis,  and Violet are back at the mansion, discussing how Brandt could be there (he played the game) and where Death could be. Fox argues with Brandt asking him about the game until Brandt admits that he may have been involved with the theft of a ledger...

Chapter Sixteen:

A woman who is not a woman and a creature who used to be a man argue about the game in the dark. He wants her to be involved, she doesn't want to be involved, but then he reminds her that the game only has one outcome. 

Don't lose. 


Raphael and Gabriel argue about love that cannot be and the game that threatens everyone. They consider and then hope that the leger the not-man has stolen is the only copy - for everyone's sake. 

I mean, who would be desperate enough to make a copy, right?

They are interrupted by the arrival of the not-man. 

Chapter Seventeen:

Mayra and Cal arrive back to the mansion to learn that Brandt has made a copy of Death's ledger. 

Fox tells him to give it to him so that he can go find Death. They're interrupted by a pair of angels at the door. 

Chapter Eighteen: 

Volos, the not-man immortal comes to Raphael and Gabriel in triumph. He's not allowed to play the game but he's taken possession of a body and a woman who isn't a woman who ARE allowed to play the game. 

And he has Death's ledger, so he must play but he needs an opponent. A mortal opponent. 

At the exact same time, Raphael and Gabriel respond with a name. 

Fox D'Mora. 

•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•

I love this book. It's like Good Omens with a larger cast. 


  1.  How did Brandt copy the ledger?
     Why does Volos want to play the game?
  3.  ...and why should his opponent be Fox?

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