'Masters Of Death' Book Club Readalong Day 7!

By: Jordan Fleming Photo By: @a.o.tales

Amber and I are BACK this October for a fun new readalong! We're about to start our monthly discussion for our August Adult book (recommended by those 18+), Masters Of Death by Olivie Blake!

As a reminder, from now on, our monthly discussions will be both here on the OwlCrate blog AND on The Nest! Go check out Amber's discussion that will be full of fun extra content!

On each day we'll read a section of Masters Of Death, both on the blog and in The Nest's group, and then discuss in the comments our theories and predictions. This means there will be spoilers for each section! Beware! 

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for chapters 23-25 of Masters Of Death , so make sure you read or are finished this section before continuing.


So how are you all enjoying my new favorite book?

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Chapter 23:

Fox seeks solitude in one of the Parker mansion's many rooms but runs into Vi instead. They discuss their respective mortality and immortality's when Isis interrupts to inform them that the contract worked. Tom can leave the house. 

Fox asks how they know and they respond that they took him to Starbucks. 


Tom implores the immortals being left behind not to destroy the house. Isis is excited to get going and implores everyone to hurry up so that she can see Fox relive 200 years of trauma. 


The group steps out of the house and into a pocket of space time that feels like air. They make their way to Death's abode and search it for the ledger. 

Fox and Brandt search together finding nothing but trinkets when they stumble onto a box of rubber bands. Which of course, it isn't, really. It's full of Fox's baby items and memories. 

They eventually find the ledger with the missing name...and it's Tom. 

Interlude/Chapter ??

Brandt and Fox meet in the woods where they muse (very somberly) about the attraction they have for one another. Brandt asks him to wear the watch he broke from Time so that he can live eternally. 

So he does. 


Brandt and Fox kiss and embrace, and call each other theirs. 


Brandt has left and Fox returns to Death who does not comfort him but tells him that Brandt isn't a very good man. But then, he's not a man at all. 


Fox and Death trade barbs back and forth about how each needs to do better, heal, find a better purpose and so each use rubber bands to remind themselves of their errors. 

I'm not sure it works. 


Fox has just stolen a bracelet that belongs, coincidentally to his guardian angel, Mayra. She shows up to help him. Though, she has a lot of limitations on her power and cannot help Fox look for the book that he's not certain actually exists and is called "The Otherworlds". 

As Mayra can't help Fox with anything, really, he tells her goodbye. 


After a few years of a handful of miracles, Mayra still hasn't really helped Fox. So she suggests that he find a reaper who can travel the Otherworlds. 


Fox meets Cal and gets the hell out of Frankfurt, for his mental health and not because he's wanted by like everyone there of course. They take a boat to New York. 


Fox is enjoying an hour with a pretty school teacher when he summons Death to ask about the state of her husband. Death is pretty angry, cause Civil War and all that but informs Fox that the woman's husband isn't actually dead. 

So, Fox lies. Cause pretty lady ;) 


A man takes a seat across from Fox in an old wooden tavern and asks about his ring. It's Tom Parker (not the current Tom Parker, of course, but his great? something grandfather). He asks Fox about his wrist piece and whether he can commune with the dead. 

Fox initially says no, he's not interested but then Tom buys him a drink, and I mean a drink is a drink...

•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•

Listen, I'm bad at roman numerals so we're just going to finish everything out tomorrow. Sound good? XD


  1.  Would you wear Time's wristwatch?
     How does current ghost Tom come into play? 
  3.  Would you rather be a reaper or an angel (knowing the limitations)?

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