'Revelle' Book Club Readalong Day 1!

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @a.o.tales

Welcome to the first day of our book club readalong for OwlCrate's February book, Revelle by Lyssa Mia Smith!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 1-6 of Revelle, so make sure you read are finished this section before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box!

The story begins...

Chapter 1:
Luxe is preparing for the opening night of her family’s show, but in Prohibition era they must work with a bootlegger to secure alcohol for the attendees. And the bootlegger in question happens to be the young son of the powerful Chronos family, who have the ability to travel back in time. Luxe’s family, the Revelles, can manipulate people through gemstones.

Chapter 2:
Roger Revelle, Trys Chronos and Jamison Port arrive on Charmant for opening night. The former two having left their families three years prior. The three friends have an encounter with the police who had been accosting a man they accused of taking pictures of VIPs drinking. After the incident a crate falls, crushing Jamison, but Trys uses her time travelling power to save him.

They enter the Big Top, and are led to the VIP box over the stage, where they meet Dewey Chronos, Trys' bootlegger brother. Dewey leaves them to watch the show with the crowd. The performance begins.

Chapter 3:
Luxe and her cousins are ready for the show to go on. Luxe muses on the distance that has come between herself and her cousins since the discovery of her secondary power - she can manipulate peoples’ emotions without gems, although it causes her great pain. This is a secret that cannot get out. Focusing on the boy in the executive suite, assuming he is Dewey Chronos, Luxe plays with his emotions. The performance begins.

Chapter 4:
Jamison is entranced. He feels pulled towards Luxe unlike anything he’s ever experienced. He tries to go to her, Trys and Roger holding him back until the performance is over. They think he must have given her a gem, but Jamison knows he didn’t, so the feeling must be real. Luxe makes eye contact with him once more and then falls from the platform where she ended her performance.

Chapter 5:
Luxe awakes in pain, her family having summoned a Strattoris, a family that can heal by transferring injuries from one body to another. Luxe refuses, but her cousin Roger appears, and convinces her to let him take the injuries. Luxe has a job to do. She awakes again in the Fun House with her other cousins, and although she’s tired and looks like hell, she changes and gets them to bring the bootlegger to her. She will see it through.

Chapter 6:
Millie brings Jamison to the Fun House, leaving him alone with Luxe. He doesn’t understand why Luxe wants to see him specifically, but he promises her through her sadness that he’ll give her anything she wants if he can. Even the liquor she asks for. She kisses him.


  1. Uh oh! A case of mistaken identity. Do you think Jamison will reveal who he really is to Luxe once he discovers the mistake?

  2. What do you think lead to the death of Luxe's mother and aunt?

  3. Why do you think Luxe seems to have this secondary power the rest of her family does not?

  4. Did you enjoy the first section of the book?

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