'Revelle' Book Club Readalong Day 4!

By: Jordan Fleming

Welcome back to the fourth day of our book club read along for OwlCrate's February book, Revelle, by Lyssa Mia Smith!

This will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 15-19 of Revelle, so ensure you have finished these chapters before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box!

I have a dreadful feeling nothing great is about to happen...

 Chapter 15:

On the next evening, Trys, Roger and Jamison attend the Revelle's show at the Big Tent. They watch the show with Dewey. Jamison and Dewey exchange barbs about Luxe and there is a growing sense of jealousy between the two. The show starts but suddenly Dewey announces he needs to go, leaving the others behind to watch. Jamison watches Luxe having fun, and at the end of the show, she gives him a radiant, real smile. Jamison is smitten.

Chapter 16:

After the show, Uncle Wolffe informs Luxe that Dewey has reserved a room in the Fun House for her after the performance. Her uncle tells her that Dewey wishes to sample the Revelle magic and Luxe is excited for him to give her a jewel. Luxe dresses up and makes her way to the room but when she answers, the man on the bed is not Dewey. 


Luxe makes to leave but the man stops her. It is Dewey but Luxe does not recognize him. He looks decades older and has obviously time traveled. Dewey tells Luxe that he had to go back in time because although he wins his election at the end of the summer, his brother tries to have him murdered and Luxe ends up killed in the future as well. 


Dewey meant to travel back just a few moments but ends up travelling back weeks, causing him to age more than he'd intended.

Luxe lies to him with her secret magic, making him believe she's still attracted and not at all shocked to find him older. Dewey, feeling relieved, proposes marriage to Luxe. However, the ring he offers her has no gemstones in it, the diamond has been dug out so that Luxe cannot charm him.

Luxe hesitates, stating she's a bit young to be married. But Dewey cannot be swayed and he becomes manipulative. Luxe, feeling worried and scared that Dewey will react poorly, uses her magic to reassure him.

However, Dewey doesn't stop and continues to make Luxe uncomfortable, finally telling her that even if she says no to him, he will rewind the clock again and again until she says yes.

Dewey continues his cruelty, telling Luxe that she's nothing without him, that he'll make Colette fall into a deeper hole next time, that this is the only timeline he's won in and many other awful things until Luxe realizes that he will hurt her family unless she pleases him.

Luxe is trapped.

Chapter 17: 

While Luxe is in the Fun House with Dewey, Jamison returns to the barn. He's thinking about Luxe when she shows up at the barn. Luxe is dirty, scared and bloody from a nosebleed and Jamison is seething badly at Dewey. He asks Luxe to sit and Lux tells him everything that happened in the Fun House room with Dewey.

Luxe tells Jamison that Dewey isn't the man she thought he was, and that she does not want to marry him. Luxe also reveals that she does not need jewels to enchant and that she has a secret source of magic. They continue to talk and Luxe asks Jamison whether he's found anything else out about his parents. She encourages Jamison to talk to her grandmother again, as she knows Nana Revelle is hiding some information about them.

Luxe finally has to leave and return to Dewey's room.

Chapter 18:

The next afternoon, Roger, Jamison and Trys head to the long barracks building behind the Big Tent to visit Nana Revelle.

They find Nana Revelle spending time with three Effigen women. One is someone Roger used to be in a relationship with named Margaret. They find out that one of the women has a three-year-old son who has gone missing. The second young Effigen to have gone missing that month, along with some Strattori children as well.

Jamison then asks Nana Revelle if she is sure that she does not recognize his parents from his photograph, and she states again that she does not.

Trys suggests that Jamison may learn about his parents in another area of the island, the Day District, so they go together.

While walking through the Day District, Trys and Jamison happen upon George Chronos. He is paranoid and asks Trys and Jamison if Dewey has sent them and seems unhinged. They bicker and Trys drags Jamison away.

Jamison notices the store that George came from says "Fortune-Teller" and demands that he and Trys go in.

Jamison trades away his mother's jewelled brooch to the Fortune Teller, Mag. She tells him that his parents came to her after their daughter disappeared. Jamison's sister vanished just before her first birthday and his parents were afraid. The kidnapper returned to his parents to tell them that if they paid a ransom, they could get their daughter back. Initially, they refused and to keep Jamison safe, they gave him up for adoption.

However, after many years they gave in to the horrible demands of the kidnapper and had three Revelle women drowned. Instead of seeing Jamison or their daughter again, they were executed.

Jamison realizes that the women who were drowned were Luxe's mother and aunts. He feels sick and feels the Revelles were going to hate him for his parent's actions.

Chapter 19:

Luxe wakes up in the Fun House room and comes up with a plan to keep Dewey perpetually content with her secret magic and her family safe from him.

Luxe gets out of spending more time with Dewey by telling him she will keep Trevor close. She, Trevor, Jamison, Trys, Millie, Colette and Roger all have a night out. Jamison is hesitant to tell Luxe about his parents, so he puts it off but promises to tell her about it soon.

The group imbibes magic drinks, put on silly hats, and gets on to ride the Ferris Wheel.


  1. How do you think Dewey is time traveling so much? 
  2. Do you think Luxe will hate Jamison or forgive him for his parents' actions?
  3. Would you try a magical Effigen drink? 
  4. How would you deal with Dewey's manipulations, if you were Luxe?

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