'Revelle' Book Club Readalong Day 3!

By: Jordan Fleming Photo By: @taylortakesphotos

Welcome back to the third day of our book club read along for OwlCrate's February book, Revelle, by Lyssa Mia Smith!

This will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 10-14 of Revelle, so ensure you have finished these chapters before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box!

Oh this is getting good...


Chapter 10:

After the party, Jamison and Roger visit the Big Tent. The venue is dirty, sticky and stinky in the light of day. Jamison asks to see Luxe as she'd promised to take him to the beach. Luxe eventually emerges, and they leave the Big Tent together. Luxe gives Jamison back his mother's pendant. Luxe shows Jamison the path to the beach, down an alley and hidden through thick trees. 

They arrive and find that the dock is still there, albeit in disrepair. Jamison swims to the pier and is satisfied to see where his parent's photograph was taken. 

Jamison and Luxe return through the alley and head to a donut shop, where they find Trys, Roger, Colette and Millie. They talk about Jamison's parents and decide to show Nana Revelle the photo again.

Upon leaving the donut shop, Jamison and Luxe find a man lying across the cobblestones, dripping blood.

A man with a diamond-shaped clock sewn into his lapel.

 Chapter 11:

Dewey is the man on the ground, and Luxe is shocked. She checks his pulse and hears a loud yell from Jamison. Jamison has been accosted by a man and slammed into the cobblestones.

While Jamison is pummeled, Luxe shouts for help and notices that the man who attacked them is aging rapidly. It's a Chronos. Luxe again begs for help, but the gathering crowd needs to be more open to cross paths with a Chronos.

The man continues to slam Jamison until Luxe throws herself at their attacker. He falls to the ground and ages so quickly that he becomes a rotten skeleton. Dewey and Jamison come too. The others have come out into the street, and Colette notices that the corpse is continuing to decompose.


They identify the attacker as Freddy Chronos, Dewey's uncle.

Luxe senses that Dewey is feeling regret. She uses her magic to convince him that he was targeted because he will win his candidacy for mayor. Dewey becomes jealous of Luxe and Jamison, asking them why they appear to be together.

Luxe reassures him, but as it's apparent that Jamison is very hurt, Luxe decides to take him to a Strattori.

Chapter 12:

The following day, Dewey calls a meeting with the Revelle family in the repurposed warehouse turned winter theater. Dewey tells Trevor to stay with Luxe. Luxe asks Trevor whether any Edwardians have discovered who was behind the attack on Dewey. Still, he has no news for her except that a few Strattori boys are missing.

Luxe asks several more questions about Edwardians, and Trevor answers. She discovers that Edwardians can lie with practice, which is surprising because common knowledge around Charmant says they cannot.

They meet Colette at the warehouse and find that it's been transformed into a gorgeous theater space. Luxe greets her family and reassures them that being involved in Dewey's candidacy for mayor will be good for them. She helps Nana through feelings of grief over losing her daughters. The Revelle family does not trust the Chronos' because they believe they killed Luxe's mother and aunt.

Dewey has brought them to the theater because the Revelle's are to perform at his election party. He also takes this time to reassure them that he is running for mayor for all the right reasons, his attack was no biggie, and that he will keep them and all of Charmant safe and prosperous.

The Revelle's discuss the election show's themes. Dewey kisses Luxe, and she uses her magic to keep him from a more prolonged embrace.

After, Trevor notices that Luxe's nose is bleeding. Trevor asks her about the source of her power and jokes that he's relieved it isn't shadow magic.

Trevor escorts Luxe back to the Revelle barn. Luxe checks on Jamison's injuries. Roger is tending to him. Luxe and Roger discuss Jamison's potential family and the attack on Dewey.

Roger warns Luxe that he thinks Dewey may be getting obsessed with her, and encourages her to visit the Mainland someday.

Chapter 13: 

After recovering from his injuries, Jamison and Luxe go to her grandmother to ask her about Jamison's family's photograph. On the way to Luxe's grandmother, Jamison starts to notice how the features of Charmant are familiar. Luxe and Jamison share memories while they walk until they come upon George Chronos, Dewey's brother and heir apparent to the Chronos family.

George baits Luxe and Jamison into an altercation, and he punches Jamison. George disappears around a corner. Luxe and Jamison keep walking until they come upon a home that feels familiar to Jamison. It's the Revelle orphanage. The Revelle family sponsors and takes care of the children who do not have parents.

As they enter the home, Jamison is spurred by more memories.

Chapter 14: 

Nana Revelle answers the door to the orphanage and greets them. Nana asks to see Jamison's photograph, and he hands it to her, telling her his parent's last name is Port.

Nana sees the photo, and blood rushes from her face. She recovers and tells Jamison that his family is lovely, but that she does not know who they are. Luxe tells Nana that Jamison was likely an orphan in the house and that he remembers it.

Nana assures him that she will dig into any old records to see if she can find anything more about his parents.

Jamison notices that the roof is leaking and offers to repair it. He finds tools to fix it. As Jamison restores the roof, he and Luxe talk about their mutual friends and how Luxe feels she is no longer close to them.

Luxe shares about her mother's passing and how it contributed to the distance between herself and her cousins.

Jamison shares that he knows when Luxe is faking. He tells Luxe that he'd love to see her genuine smile at her next performance.

Luxe assures him that she does know to have fun.


  1. What do you think Nana Revelle knows that she's not saying? 
  2. Why do you think the Revelle orphanage is so familiar to Jamison?
  3. Do you have any theories as to what happened to Freddy Chronos' corpse?
  4. Would you climb up on a slippery roof with Jamison?

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