'Revelle' Book Club Readalong Day 5!

By: Jordan Fleming

Welcome back to the fifth day of our book club read along for OwlCrate's February book, Revelle, by Lyssa Mia Smith!

This will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 20-26 of Revelle, so ensure you have finished these chapters before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box!

The story continues...

Chapter 20 : 

Jamison and Luxe ride the Ferris Wheel together. They talk about Roger and his past with Margaret and magic. Jamison finds out that Roger traded injuries with Margaret a few years ago, from an attack that left them both scarred and affected, forever. 


Luxe tells Jamison that romantic love is a curse. Jamison asks her what she wants, and she replies to take Dewey down. 


Jamison says they should plan to do it, and they nearly kiss. 


Everyone gets off the Ferris Wheel and heads to the beach. Jamison and Trys sit together and talk about how each has fallen for another person. Jamison with Luxe and Trys with Colette. Trys reveals that she traded the Fortune Teller to get Jamison's mother's brooch back and gives it to him. 


Chapter 21:

Luxe finds herself being woken by Dewey after her late night out. Dewey is angry with Luxe for partying, and angry that she overslept. Luxe uses her secret magic to soothe him. Dewey tells her that Roger, Trys and Jamison will leave after his election day. 


Luxe leaves to have breakfast with the Revelles and talks to Millie. Millie admits that she's falling for Trevor. Luxe leaves after breakfast and finds Nana and Jamison at the end of the hall, both feeling sad. 


Jamison tells Luxe that they'd been talking about his parents. 


Luxe and Jamison almost kiss outside her bedroom but Luxe retreats. Jamison finds Try's watch on the floor with a folded note. The note has a wax symbol of a clock and inside it's written: 'We Always Win'. 

Luxe and Jamison then hear a child yell "Fire!". 

 Chapter 22:

The Big Tent has been set on fire and all the entrances to the tent have been sealed off, trapping the Revelles inside.

Jamison pulls Luxe close and tears off a piece of his shirt. He instructs her to keep it over her head, to stay down and wet it if necessary. Jamison notices that Trys is missing.

Luxe feels powerless but Jamison reminds her that she's not. He kisses her on the forehead and Luxe starts using her secret magic. Luxe pulls at the light strings of all the citizens of the Night District outside the Tent, begging them to save the Revelle family.

Luxe passes out just as sunlight breaks its way into the tent.

Chapter 23:
Jamison moves through the Big Tent looking for the kitchen, because ovens have vents and to find Trys who is missing.

Jamison moves low, crawling around the hallways and trying to stay under the smoke. He hears a call for help and finds figures in the kitchen. Both Trys and Dewey are on the island, unconscious but there is another female there as well.

Jamison reaches for Trys but he's shot in the shoulder by another woman whom Jamison recognizes as Margaret's sister, Rose. The woman who recently lost her son.

Jamison appeals to her and she reveals that she set the fire with her Effigen magic because a man in a Revelle mask said he'd bring her missing son back. Jamison sees the parallels between his parents being asked to commit a crime and this one. Margaret is aging rapidly and reveals that she has an antidote to stop the magic.

Before Jamison can help her, Margaret drops the antidote vial and rapid aging quickly kills her and decays her corpse.

With everyone trapped in the kitchen, Jamison uses a knife wiped with the antidote against the canvas Big Tent seams, but it bounces back.

Chapter 24:

Luxe comes to outside the Big Tent and finds out that Jamison and Trys are still missing. Luxe uses her secret magic to check on Jamison's light strings and tells everyone that he's in the kitchen. Luxe searches for Trys's light string but cannot find it. 

Nana Revelle tells Colette, Millie and Luxe to stay out of the burning Big Tent. 

Luxe noticing that the Big Tent is about to collapse, sprints toward it. 

Chapter 25:

Jamison soaks his knife in the antidote again and again, finally making the knife cut through a swathe of the tent's canvas. 

He slashes at the tent, widening the hole and calling for help. Jamison lifts Trys halfway out of the slash in the tent wall and he finds someone helping from the other side. 

Jamison then grabs Dewey and shoves him out of the now wider hole. He finds that the person who has been helping him is Luxe. Luxe helps Jamison out of the hole just before the Big Tent collapses. 

The Revelles mourn their home. 

Luxe and Jamison being to talk and realize how much they mean to each other. They embrace, but Dewey interrupts them angrily but leaves them to find himself a Strattori healer. 

Chapter 26:

Luxe realizes that having Dewey as an enemy would not be a good thing right now, so she runs after him. 


She uses her magic to try to reassure him that they and she are fine. 


Dewey reveals that he knows about Jamison's past and his parent's crimes. Luxe knows that even though Dewey is awful for telling her that while she's under duress, her family still needs Dewey's influence and money. 

Luxe tells Dewey that Jamison doesn't mean anything to her, that he's just a friend and Dewey asks Luxe to move in with him. Dewey tells her that the Revelles can stay in the winter theater but that she has two hours to send Jamison packing and return to his home. 


  1. Who do you think is really behind the fire being set? 
  2. Do you think Jamison will really leave Charmant? 
  3. Would you have battled the fire in another way? 

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