'Revelle' Book Club Readalong Day 7!

By: Jordan Fleming

Welcome back to the final day of our book club read along for OwlCrate's February book, Revelle, by Lyssa Mia Smith!

This will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 33-End of Revelle, so ensure you have finished these chapters before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box!

We're in the Endgame now...

Chapter 33: 

Jamison, Trys and Roger are leaving Charmant on a boat, headed toward New York. Jamison tells them everything that has happened with Dewey, Luxe and his parents. 

Jamison realizes that Luxe telling him that Dewey is her "equal in power" means that he too is using shadow magic and is the cause of the rapid aging deaths.
They decide that they need to go back to save the others.

Jamison and Roger trick the boat captain into turning around by having the captain give Roger a jewel to enchant him with. 

Chapter 34: 

Luxe continues to use her shadow magic to charm the crowd during the first half of her performance on election night.

Before act two, she retreats to her dressing room. Millie and Colette come to find her and become alarmed when they see Luxe's water glass filling with blood from her mouth.

They try to send for a Strattori healer but Luxe refuses.

Luxe admits that she's using shadow magic and promises to tell Colette and Millie everything after their final act. On the way back to the performance area, Colette and Millie ask what Luxe's plan is for marrying Dewey later that night, and realize that Luxe is going to try to kill Dewey Chronos.

Right before Luxe is due to go on stage she notices Jamison's light string and goes to him. She warns Jamison that Dewey is going to kill him if he finds out that Jamison is back.

She tries to convince Jamison that she's going to marry Dewey so that her family is safe. Jamison tells her that she can't guarantee safety. Luxe pleads with him and tries to send him away.

Just as Jamison tells her that he loves her, Dewey finds them.


Dewey jumps Jamison with a gun but Trys gets in the way. Trys is in the middle of telling Dewey he's a good man and not a murderer when the gun goes off.

Blood rains and Trys's body falls to the floor.

Roger runs in and is visibly broken. Luxe tries to charm Dewey but he calls for Trevor to read their minds. Dewey asks Jamison where he, Trys and Roger first met.

Trevor is reluctant to answer and Dewey threatens him with the gun. Trys recognizes that she's wearing the ring Trevor gave her and wonders if she can charm Trevor into giving Dewey a different answer.

Luxe pleads with him to name another place but Trevor does not. He tells Luxe to tell Millie that he's sorry and Dewey pulls the trigger.

Trevor is dead.

Dewey then pulls the gun on Luxe, demanding that Jamison tell him where they met. Luxe tells Jamison that Dewey won't hurt her so Dewey swings the gun at Roger and starts to count down.

Finally, Jamison tells him they met in Washington, DC. Dewey looks victorious and taunts Jamison over his parents. He reveals that he was the one to kill Jamison's parents in multiple timelines.

When Luxe realizes that Dewey will never stop hurting people, she empties her magic into charming him. As he lies on the floor, Jamison presses the gun into Dewey's temple and squeezes the trigger.

Chapter 35: 

Roger yells at Jamison, reminding him that he's just killed the time traveller who could have saved Trevor and Trys. Uncle Wolffe comes in and tells everyone to remove the bodies. Roger refuses to accept that Trys is gone until she can be seen by Strattori healers. 

The Revelles remove all evidence of the murders. Roger realizes that Trys is still alive, but needs surgery. She's taken away by a healer. 

The Revelles ask Luxe if she can handle an encore to buy time to come up with a plan, but Luxe's life is fading. 

Millie and Jamison ask the Strattori healer to use them to transfer Luxe's injuries. Roger uses a gem to wake Luxe and she gives consent for the procedure. They realize that they alone can't handle the pain and injury but then more Revelles come forward to share the burden. 

Dewey's death is (rightly) blamed on Jamison and he and Luxe are forced to flee. 

Chapter 36: 

Jamison and Luxe escape the theater, navigate the main streets and then escape guards by jumping off the end of the pier. 

They swim and swim through cold saltwater until they find a ferry and climb aboard. The captain that Jamison and Roger had charmed is there and agree to help. He shows them a storage room where they can hide and eventually, the engines of the ferry roar to life and they are free. 

Epilogue : 

Jamison and Luxe spend the night in a beautiful hotel room after having lived on the mainland for four months. 

Luxe gives the concierge her ring to look at it and charms her into a suite when she gives it back. 

Luxe and Jamison then walk hand in hand, down a street in New Orleans, eager to live and love and see the world. 

The End !


  1. Do you think Jamison and Luxe will ever go back to Charmant? 
  2. What Revelle character would you like to see in their own novel? 
  3. What did you think of the ending? 

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