'Revelle' Book Club Readalong Day 6!

By: Jordan Fleming

Welcome back to the sixth day of our book club read along for OwlCrate's February book, Revelle, by Lyssa Mia Smith!

This will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 27-32 of Revelle, so ensure you have finished these chapters before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box!

Well that just went up in flames...

Chapter 27: 

Jamison, Colette, Roger and Millie take Trys back to the barn. They have her seen by a Strattori healer and are told that she's in serious condition after experiencing smoke inhalation.

The group talks about the fire and discusses how Margaret could have aged so quickly when she was an Effigen with Effigen magic.

Millie and Colette notice Jamison acting strange and corner him about Luxe's magic and her secret, but he does say as it's Luxe's story to tell.

Luxe shows up at the barn with Trevor, who is relieved to see Millie alright. Jamison and Luxe sit privately together and Luxe reveals that she knows the secret of Jamison's parentage. He apologizes that he didn't sooner but he didn't want to ruin the Revelle's opinion of him because he enjoys their company.

Luxe then asks Jamison to leave so that she can honor her bargain with Dewey. Jamison is horrified and reveals his feelings to Luxe. She does, too and they embrace.

Chapter 28:
After their embrace, Jamison and Luxe reminisce and discuss their future. Luxe then reminds Jamison that he's leaving, and Jamison realizes that no matter Luxe's feelings, she's still going to marry Dewey. 

Luxe then leaves and meets with an angry Dewey. He demands that she bathe and be seen by a healer. Luxe bathes and dresses but then explores the house. She finds Dewey's desk and rifles through it, eventually finding a leather notebook. 

The notebook is filled with the details of Dewey's time travel. Luxe sees that Dewey has altered her timeline several times already with different results and is horrified. 

Before she can look further, a Strattori comes in to heal her. The healer is shocked and accuses Luxe of using shadow magic. The Strattori tells her what she's doing is awful, and that her life is nearly spent by using so much dark magic. 

The healer goes to leave but Dewey rams a knife through her center and tells Luxe that he can't have anyone discovering their secret. 

Chapter 29:

Jamison returns to the barn and informs the group that Luxe will be marrying Dewey. They discuss Dewey and realize that Trys could provide more information about her family, but she's still unconscious. 

Roger wakes her using a gem and Trys reveals to Jamison that neither Dewey nor the Revelles were the targets of the fire - Jamison was. 

Chapter 30:

Luxe takes tea with Dewey and Trevor and learns more about how he is using shadow magic. Rather than his magic taking a toll on him, he's been eliminating the time and lives of others to time travel without aging (much).

He tells Luxe that he first discovered his own shadow magic after Luxe charmed him without him ever using a jewel.

Dewey proposes again, with a large diamond ring and Luxe kisses him. After the kiss, Dewey asks Trevor who Luxe was thinking of during their kiss. Trevor tells him Jamison and Dewey threatens to kill him.

Luxe soothes him and assures him that she will get rid of Jamison so that they can rule Charmant together. This settles Dewey and he moves to give her the ring but has Trevor give it to Luxe instead.

Chapter 31:

Jamison helps the Revelles to clean up from the fire. Roger encourages Jamison to leave the island but Jamison refuses. Luxe and Dewey show up as they are canvassing and Jamison notices her engagement ring. Luxe informs him that they are being married right after the election. 

Uncle Wolffe then arrives to accuse Jamison of lying about his identity. Luxe tells everyone that Jamison has been visiting under a false name and pretenses. She outs his parent's past in front of everyone and they become angry. Jamison is accused of starting the fire and he realizes that Luxe is just trying to protect him. 

He runs away from the growing mob with Roger. 

Chapter 32:

Margaret hands Luxe a clear vial of poison and Margaret implores her to be very careful with it but to make the Chronos pay.

Nana Revelle finds Luxe before her performance and lets her know that she does not have to marry Dewey and that she knows Jamison did not have to start the fire.

Colette and Millie also tell Luxe that they know Jamison did not start the fire. They reassure Luxe that she did a selfless act in sending Jamison away, and tell her that they will work to fix the situation - together.

Just before she's about to perform, Luxe reveals that she plans to kill Dewey.


  1. Did you think Dewey was using shadow magic, too? 
  2. Do you think Luxe will be successful in getting rid of Dewey?
  3. Do you think everyone will survive the night? 

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