Sweet & Bitter Magic Readalong Day 6

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @betterwithabookinmyhand

Hello fellow readalongers! It's the penultimate day of the Sweet & Bitter Magic readalong! AKA day 6! Time flies when you're having fun. Although Tamsin and Wren may not agree at the moment.

Today we're reading chapters 19-22. We're getting so close to the end I can smell it! If you're not sick of hearing it, for the people in the back, the following chapter summaries will contain spoilers!

Make sure you're engaging in the comments at the end as next week I'll select someone at random to win a FREE OWLCRATE BOX!


Chapter 19:
After being confronted by Arwyn’s displeasure, she leaves them to continue their journey. They make it to the ocean when Wren starts to feel sick and off like there is something very wrong. Finding a decrepit cabin, they enter. By the strength of the dark magic, Wren is certain Marlena should be in the building with them, but there is no sign of her.
After another scathing diary entry, Marlena makes an appearance in person! Like magic!

Chapter 20:
Marlena claims to have no idea about the plague that is the consequence of dark magic. Tamsin puts it together. What is happening in the world is actually the result of the spell SHE cast five years ago, which had laid dormant until her sister woke up.
Not entirely surprisingly, Marlena isn’t exactly willing to let them fully sever the spell between them and sacrifice herself. Wren gives Tamsin her hand so she can use her magic to fight her sister. This could go poorly!

Chapter 21:
Tamsin reluctantly fights back against her sister, more in defense, wanting to disarm her. Marlena throws Wren against a wall and knocks her unconscious. Rude! The house is literally falling apart around them due to Marlena’s dark magic. Exhausted from using so much magic, Tamsin falls unconscious.

Chapter 22:
Waking up, Wren stops Marlena from working more magic on her sister. Wren realizes that what dark magic is doing is actually taking the magic that causes nature to function properly and be beautiful. Marlena is essentially killing the earth by using so much dark magic. Wren grabs Marlena in hopes of finding the dark magic link inside her, but having none of that, Marlena flings her across the room and berates her with the magic. Regaining consciousness, Tamsin in desperation also starts to use dark magic, but before she can go on, Marlena slams her head against the floor. Using her magic as a source, Wren somehow reaches toward Marlena and pulls, causing something to snap. Marlena collapses.

So many people passing out in that section! The poor floor must hurt. I (think) that was the end of our final battle, my friends!



Question 1: How do you think Wren was able to use her magic as a source to disarm Marlena? Do you think this is something the Coven knows about but doesn’t teach?

Question 2: Do you think the sisters are now truly separated, and if so, do you think Marlena will now die? Why do you think she is still alive at all?

Question 3: How do you think the last section of the book is going to go? We’re so close!