'The Buried and the Bound' Book Club Readalong Day 2!

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @a.o.tales

Welcome back to the second day of our book club readalong for OwlCrate's January book, The Buried and the Bound by Rochelle Hassan!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 6-10 of The Buried and the Bound, so make sure you read are finished this section before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box!

The story continues...

Chapter 6:
Leo’s parents were also cursed - his mom has toads hop out of her mouth when she speaks, and her dad has a poltergeist that follows him around. But they refuse to tell him any more details.

The following day Leo offers to take his mom’s orders to the post office, and when he gets in his car he finds Aziza’s notebook on the floor. The perfect excuse to talk to her again.

Chapter 7:
Tristan returned to the home of his parents who had kicked him out the year before, planning to get a coat and leave. He’s homeless. Before he can retread his mom comes home and shortly starts screaming. The hounds having sensed his rage at his mother are circling the house and since the attack at the festival Tristan has only gotten worse at controlling them. He manages to dart to the open window he entered through and slam the hound struggling to get in back outside. 

Chapter 8:
Aziza comes across two kelpie who resist her magic when she tries to return them to Elphame. One chases her away from the beach, and she escapes by diving into a subway car.


At home Jiddo gives her a spell pouch for protection, saying there are things other than fae and hounds out there.

When school starts up again Aziza heads to the public library to do research on just what the hounds might be. Her librarian friend Meryl, who doesn’t believe in any of the magic stuff but humors Aziza, helps her find books. Leo finds her, and although she resists at first, when he offers to help on her patrols she agrees to a test run.

Chapter 9:

Leo accompanies Aziza into Elphame to retrieve a man who had been lured there by fae.

Chapter 10:
Within the first few months of Tristan's deal with the hag she taught him a lesson. He was sleeping in a shelter next to a young boy, considering if he could unmake the hag and turn her back into a witch. Sensing his thoughts, the hag lured the boy next to him to her territory and killed him.

After escaping from his parent’s house the hounds fought Tristan, but because of his bond to the hag he lived. She summons him to her territory and tells him to bring her Aziza, and if he doesn’t and chooses to die instead, she will kill everyone he has ever held dear to him, including Leo.


  1. Why do you think Leo's family was cursed? And why do you suspect they won't tell him any of the details?

  2. How do you think Tristan will try to lure Aziza to the hag?
  3. Why do you think it seems the creatures from Elphame are getting stronger/bolder?
  4. Do you think Trsitan's theory that hags can be unmade is true?

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