'The Depths' Book Club Readalong Day 3!

By: OwlCrate . Photo By: @jayemslibrary

Welcome, divers, to the third day of our book club readalong for OwlCrate's September book, The Depths by Nicole Lesterance!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 14-21 of The Depths, so make sure you read are finished this section before continuing.

Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate box! Don't forget, you can also post about the readalong on Instagram with the hashtag #OCTheDepths for another chance to win!

The story continues...

Chapter 14:
Addie wakes to not Violet, but Lenora sitting on her bed - and she is decidedly more frightening. She presses her fingers to Addie’s neck, not believing Addie that Violet gave her the bracelet. Lenora tears Addie’s pendant from her neck and runs into the forest, Addie on her heels. Standing on a boulder, Lenora throws the necklace into the woods as a sinkhole opens at Addie’s feet. Jumping out of the way, Lenora disappears, leaving behind a slip of paper warning her to “stay away from Jonah.” Sean appears, having heard her scream, but Addie doesn’t tell him what just happened.

Chapter 15:
They get into the cenote, and Sean tells Addie he doesn’t like Ken, who is Billy’s dad but not his. Addie tells him how her parents split up, which makes her cry, the tears creating silver threads in the water. They dive.

Chapter 16:
They dive deep, heading into a tunnel, and emerge in a cavern, able to breathe the calming air. They get out of the water and although Addie says they need to head back, Sean convinces her to see a cave he calls the Cathedral. It is marvelous - gigantic. And it makes her feel a sense of nostalgia. Then she sees a girl standing behind what could be an altar.

Chapter 17:
It’s a statue of Eulalie, as depicted in the book Melinda gave Addie. In her hand she holds an anatomical heart. In a pool nearby is another statue, this one of a decapitated Lenora holding a knife. Before they leave, Addie gives the statue Violet’s bracelet.

Chapter 18:
They resurface from the dive and Sean walks Addie home, finding her necklace on the way. They agree to meet again the next night.

Chapter 19:
Addie sleeps until noon, joining her mom and step-dad for lunch on the patio. There is a caterpillar crawling towards David’s leg, and it seems to listen to her when she tells it to avoid her mother.

Chapter 20:
Billy joins Addie and they decide to find Violet to ask her some questions, luring her out of the woods with snacks. She tells them that she has never seen Lenora and that she thinks Lenora cares more about Jonah than Violet. When she notices that the bracelet she gave Addie is gone she gets angry, turning hostile with the weather and disappearing.

Chapter 21:
After the storm stops they decide to go back to Violet’s house to look for more clues, but on the way they find an iguana chewing on a drawing of what is clearly Addie’s face.


  1. Who do you think Jonah is, and how do you think he came to be on the island?
  2. There are things about Sean that don’t add up - what are your suspicions if you have any?
  3. Who do you think drew the picture of Addie?
  4. Who do you think created the statues of Eulalie and Lenora?

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