The Ones We're Meant to Find Readalong Day 1

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @college_bookworm

It's happening! It's the first day of our readalong of The Ones We're Meant to Find by Joan He!

Today we're reading chapters 1-5. Please do not read the chapter summaries if you aren't done this section yet - you will get spoiled! 

Oh yes, make sure you answer the questions! At the end of the readalong I will be selecting a random commenter to win a free OwlCrate box! Not able to finish this section today? No worries! Come back and comment when you have finished!

To the chapter summaries!


Chapter 1:
We open with Cee having sleep walked to the edge of the ocean. Again. Oops. From there we follow her (and U-me, a robot of some type with speech capabilities) back to the house where they set off in search of the final propeller for a boat named Hubert.
What luck! Propeller found, three things are revealed to us: Cee is on an abandoned island, she doesn’t know how she got there, and she has some pretty bad amnesia.

Chapter 2:
Kasey is being ignored at her own “moving on” party, which is plenty fine by her. Approached by a girl (Yvone) looking to use her as cover, Kasey accidentally reveals who she is, which causes one of Cee’s ex’s to approach wondering if her disappearance was his fault - thank goodness Yvone covers for her and Kasey logs out of the party.
Kasey lives in an eco-city, where all non-essential activities are done virtually, called Holoing.

Chapter 3:
Hubert now fixed with the found propeller, Cee preps to leave the island and U-me behind, tallying one last mark on the porch of M.M.’s house marking her time on the island. At sea, things at first are fine, but after a week or more the weather revolts and the chapter ends with the sound of the boat’s tearing metal. Uh-oh!

Chapter 4:
It’s been three and a half months since Celia had taken a duct down to the boat rental and disappeared at sea, not to be found. Emerging from her stasis pod, Kasey heads out the window to the unit about her own, where there are floor to ceiling windows you can look out of.
We’re introduced to the biomonitor, an app that lets individuals fix their health problems, from cancer to stress. After the death of her mother, Kasey felt confused as to why her sister was reacting so strongly when it wasn’t necessary.
Unable to sleep, Kasey once more searches for Celia’s Intraface, and is filled with hope when in the morning she gets an alert that it has been located.

Chapter 5:
Cee awakes back on the shore of M.M.’s island. How in the world is that possible? It has been 1113 days since Cee was marooned. Determined not to give up and find another way back to her sister, Cee falls asleep on the couch, only to be woken by a thunderstorm and see a body laying in the sand outside.



And that was the first section of the book! What a cliffhanger! Excited to see what the heck is going on tomorrow!




1. Why do you think Cee ended up back on the island after spending more than a week at sea?

2. Who is the body? Where do you think they came from?

3. Why do you think Cee originally went out on the boat from the eco city? Do you think she meant to leave altogether or was it an accident?

4. Did you enjoy the first section of the book? Any predictions?