The Ones We're Meant to Find Readalong Day 2!

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @literaryxqueen

Welcome to the second day of our The Ones We're Meant to Find readalong! Things really took off with a run yesterday so I'm excited to get deeper into the story!

Today we're reading chapters 6-9! As always please avoid the chapter summaries below until you are caught up. Come back to theorize about the questions when you're done! As a reminder, at the end of the readalong I'll be randomly selecting one comment to win their next OwlCrate box for free!


Chapter 6:
Kasey has been court ordered to work as a P2C officer reviewing proposals for doomsday solutions. After work, she asks her dad for an app allowing her to search private residences. In a lower stratum, Kasey goes to the location where Celia’s Intraface showed up briefly and inside she finds Celia’s removed Intraface and the boy who removed it for her. Although Celia has requested it be destroyed, the boy, Actinium, is trying to reconstruct it.

Chapter 7:
Cee goes out into the storm to try to rescue the boy from the elements, but he rudely awakes and starts to strangle her. Lucky U-me steps in and knocks him out!

Chapter 8:
It’s after gym class and Kasey and Meridian run into Yvone in the locker room. Meridian is complaining that her relatives’ application to immigrate to the eco-city was denied again. At lunch Kasey gets a message from Actinium that he has finished repairing Celia’s Intraface.
Back with Actinium, they view Celia’s memories starting from six months prior, but nothing unusual comes up until they view her biomonitor.

 Chapter 9:

Cee has tied the boy to a bed to prevent any more mishaps. When he wakes Cee agrees to untie him on the condition that he doesn’t try to murder her again. Reasonable! He reveals that he can’t remember his name, and unlike Cee, he can still see in color.


Alrighty, friends. Those were today's chapters! I have more questions than answers!



1. What do you think Actinium and Kasey saw in Celia's emotions?

2. Why do you think Cee can't see color but the new boy can?

3. What do you think Kasey did to be court ordered to work for the P2C?

4. What do you make of the different timelines for Cee and Kasey? Do you think time runs differently on the island? Or do you think we're simply getting the story from different points in time?