Witches Steeped In Gold Readalong Day 1

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @taylortakesphotos

Today is the day! We're starting out readalong for Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart.

Today we're reading chapters 1-8. Please do not read the chapter summaries if you aren't done this section yet - you will get spoiled! I should also mention that the chapter summaries likely won't make much sense if you haven't read the chapters yet as I'm really just trying to boil down the basics as a bit of a memory refresh for the questions at the end!

Oh yes, make sure you answer the questions! At the end of the readalong I will be selecting a random commenter to win a free OwlCrate box! Not able to finish this section today? No worries! Come back and comment when you have finished!

To the chapter summaries!


Chapter 1:
Jazmyne: The intrigue starts immediately! We meet Jazmyne, acting on a missive, who mounts a sand-prowler who she describes as “more of a hound than a monster-sized lizard.” Alright then!
We attend a meeting of resistance members looking to oust the current leader, the doyenne. Jazmyne, who happens to be the next in line to lead and the daughter of the doyenne, is trying to convince them not to assassinate her. They agree if the doyenne renounces the Yielding when the time comes.

Chapter 2:
Ira: Six nights later Ira waits in her prison cell to be taken to the canteen for dinner. It’s the day that all eighteen year olds are destined to inherit their ancestral magic and start their 20 years of service to the crown. She and her friend Kaleisha are planning a prison break this very night.

Chapter 3:
Jazmyne: The doyenne asks Jazmyne to be her eyes in the crowd. Not a very important task. Jazmyne comes to the realization that there is no way that the doyenne will call off the Yielding as she needs to retain full power - it’s always the métiers’ first borns who die in the Yielding, and they need to go because they will only inherit half of their parent’s power. No power dilution allowed!
Expecting the doyenne not to cancel, Light Keeper signals a hidden assassin to get to work. To everyone’s surprise, the doyenne indeed suspends the Yielding!

Chapter 4:
Ira: The break out plan is in action! Seeing that the guards are now killing the riotous Obeah instead of subduing them, Ira opts to leave her friend behind. She must live to get revenge for her family. Using a severed guard’s hand, she is able to exit the room only to be confronted by a Warrior. Doing as she wishes, he takes her into his custody. She thinks that fleeing custody during a riot will grant her enough power to become a shield for the doyenne. And then to kill her.

Chapter 5:
Jazmyne: Jazmyne confronts Anya in her suite, but Anya maintains that the doyenne must die, and Jazmyne must take her place. She has just bought a little bit more time.
Summoned to see the doyenne, Jazmyne is tasked with attending the bruckout at Carne Prison.

Chapter 6:
Ira: Reunited with the other prisoners, they are led to a galley which sets sail for Aiyca.

Chapter 7:
Jazmyne: Jazmyne and the Xanthippes arrive at Carling Hill, the place where the Aiycan family trees grow - also a place where ancestors are put to rest. Buffeted by spirits, Jazmyne implores everyone to pray, which allows them to complete their journey to the stadium where the inheritor’s will get their magic. The doyenne is already there, nervously waiting.

Chapter 8:
Ira: Climbing the cliffs up to the stadium, all the prisoners suffer in pain as their arms have officially been marked as conscripts, showing the Glyph of Connection. In the stadium, Ira comes forward as the instigator of the bruckout and announces who she is to the doyenne. Unfortunately, the doyenne doesn’t take her offer of becoming the next shield, instead Ira is magically muzzled and ordered to be sent to the palace to await execution. Things are not going as planned! But not one to give up so easily, Ira surprises the guards by fighting back and making a run for it - she needs her magic! She finds her family tree and her ancestors help grant her magic.

We did it folks! That is officially the end of the first section for the readalong. I feel like we learned a lot about this world today and I can't wait to see where the story goes! 



1. How did you enjoy the first section of the book?

2. What do you think is happening with the other prisoners back at the stadium?

3. It’s clear from the synopsis that our two POVs form an alliance. Any predictions as to how that will come to be?

4. Do you think there will be any repercussions because of the cancelled Yielding?