Witches Steeped in Gold Readalong Day 2

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @thequeenofnarniareads

Welcome welcome to day two of the Witches Steeped in Gold readalong! This book is chunky so we have quite a few pages to get through each day, but I believe in us!

Today we're reading chapters 9-16! Please don't read my chapter summaries if you haven't finished yet. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to answer the discussion questions for the day! I'm excited to see what everyone thinks.


Chapter 9:
Jazmyne: Furious, the doyenne demands a report so Jazmyne goes in search of Kirdan. As if in answer to the doyenne’s question of her whereabouts, Iraya appears through the trees bearing her magic. To Jazmyne’s surprise, the doyenne asks if Iraya will permit for her blood to be taken, and Iraya complies, binding her magic to the doyenne. With the blood exchange done, the doyenne can now control Iraya up until the time of her execution. The doyenne also orders the death of the other conscripts so that the secret of Iraya's identity be kept. Definitely not a sympathetic figure, this doyenne.

Chapter 10:
Ira: Bundled away in a carriage with Jazmyne and Kirdan as escorts, they start the journey to Cwenburg Palace. Ira hopes to use her transfer to the cells as a time for escape, but once they arrive the prison is marked with glyphs that weaken and debilitate. Kirdan leaves her in a dirty cell, door open, as she cannot move anyways.

Chapter 11:
Anya awaits Jazmyne in her chamber and questions her about leaving the festival with Kirdan. 
She has a meeting with Light Keeper to discuss next steps now that the Yielding has been abolished. When she leaves, Jazmyne receives a missive from Anya saying the Jade Guild has killed an entire village with Witchfire, indicating they likely know Iraya is alive. Kirdan tells her the doyenne has finally made a decision about Iraya’s execution.

Chapter 12:
Ira: Ira is taken to see the doyenne, and to her surprise rather than execute her, she makes her a shield, just like Ira has wanted all along. She makes her take a Shook Bargain, but Ira knows it more of a Fool’s Bargain as she doesn’t recognize the doyenne as the true leader of Aiyca. Unfortunately, this does not go to plan as when Ira immediately tries to stab the doyenne she is unable. The bargain does not recognize Ira as the leader of the island any longer. Why is the doyenne keeping her alive?


Chapter 13:
Jazmyne: Jazmyne and Kirdan agree that he needs to meet with the Jade Guild to deescalate the situation. At a meeting of the Witches Council, they unanimously vote to bring back the Yielding. Ruh-roh.

Chapter 14:
Ira: Ira is lead to the Cuartel and greeted by Omnyra, Master Bonemantis, someone who was a close friend of Ira’s mother. She is escorted to meet her new buddy, Delyse, who Ira identifies as a former intelligence operative. Delyse is tasked with getting Ira settled in. Her new house is a small bohío, but it’s clean and comfy. Feigning tiredness to avoid meeting more people, Delyse leaves her after questioning if she has heard anything of the Lost Empress while in Carne.

Chapter 15:
Jazmyn: Needing answers, Jazmyne seeks out the doyenne. But instead of revealing why she has kept Iraya alive, the doyenne tasks Jazmyne with keeping tabs on Iraya. Hoping for some redemption, Jazmyne invites the doyenne to come with her on a walk for Madisyn in Mourner’s Row. Let down, of course, the doyenne rejects her.

Chapter 16:
Ira: Ira leaves her bohío early in the morning to perform reconnaissance using the spyglass she stole the previous day. Sitting in a tree she observes her surroundings before climbing out onto a long branch that hangs over the wall of the Cuartel to the outside. The state drums sound, startling her, which causes her to fall. Whoops! She is in the now over run garden of her family to attempt to practice her magic alone, which ends with her being covered in gross mango and maggots only to be discovered by Kirden.

Day two, check! I am loving getting to know Ira and friends (well, maybe not friends) more!



1. What do you think Kirden’s role actually is? Do you think he’s more than just an emissary?

2. When the Yielding is announced again do you think people will be pleased? Who do you think the Yielders will be?

3. Do you think the Jade Guard have teamed up with the escaped prisoners? 

4. Why do you think the Jade Guard burned down an entire village with Witchfire? Or do you think they are even responsible even though they claimed they are?